Medical Examiner
Medical Examiner
July 14 2017 7:35 AMCould a Tuberculosis Outbreak Happen Here?We’re creating a series of conditions that make it more likely.
July 10 2017 5:55 AMCongress Has Forgotten America’s Biggest Health Care ProblemThe critical question is not who gets care and who doesn’t, but how it’s delivered.
July 5 2017 5:50 AMWe Need More Doctors With DisabilitiesOne-fifth of all Americans have a disability, but less than 1 percent of doctors do. That’s slowly starting to change—to the benefit of medicine and patients.
June 30 2017 7:23 AMMental Health Problems Don’t Disappear if You Don’t Have InsuranceMy work at a safety net hospital in Chicago has shown me the various paths patients with mental illness face. The path insurance can provide is both healthier and cheaper.
June 27 2017 2:38 PMWhen Calling the Police Results in Harm, Not HelpCharleena Lyles’ death is a stunning reminder that calling the cops—even for someone who needs help—can be risky.
June 22 2017 5:35 PMArizona Already Tried What the GOP Wants to Do to Medicaid. It Was a Disaster.Several years ago, Arizona froze Medicaid enrollment, as AHCA now proposes. The results were disturbing.
June 15 2017 11:43 AMDon’t Lower the Number of People on Medicaid. Make the System More Efficient.Both red and blue states have successfully lowered costs by focusing on improving health outcomes and maximizing efficiency.
June 9 2017 3:08 PMThere’s an Easy Test We Could Use to Assess Older Politicians’ Cognitive HealthIt’s called the Mini-Mental State Exam, and its real power is the data it provides over time.
May 31 2017 7:15 AMSchool-Based Health Centers Provide Health Care for Rural Americans—but for How Long?The programs expanded under the ACA. The AHCA makes their future less certain.
May 23 2017 1:51 PMWhy Is U.S. Maternal Mortality So High?The main reason is not medical errors. It’s poverty and access to health care.
May 18 2017 5:50 PMThanks to Genetic Testing, Everyone Could Soon Have a Pre-Existing ConditionWhich makes the AHCA’s removal of protections so much more frightening.
May 3 2017 9:00 AMWillie Parker’s Moral Argument for Choice Made Me a Better DoctorHis book provides the language we’ve been searching for.
April 20 2017 3:08 PMAaron Hernandez’s Suicide Highlights a Huge Gap in Correctional HealthWe are terrible at assessing suicide risk, in part, because we have very limited means of studying this population.
April 7 2017 10:00 AMTreating Gun Violence as an Epidemic Could Help Us Stanch ItThe metaphor might not be perfect, but it is useful.
March 17 2017 5:56 AMMatch GameDoes the annual practice of matching doctors with residency programs encourage a problematic level of passivity? 
July 13 2017 5:50 AMAre Diets Just Placebos?The idea is at least worth considering—and it would explain a lot of strange things about how dieting works. 
July 6 2017 11:01 AMDoctors and Nurses Need to Treat BCRA as a Medical EmergencyThis isn’t about politics, it’s about health.
July 3 2017 5:15 AMRural Americans Already Have Poor Health Care. Trump’s Policies Will Hurt Further.His immigration ban and cuts to Medicaid will combine to exacerbate a physician shortage that threatens rural Americans’ health.
June 28 2017 9:00 AMThe Viral Story About the Cop Who Overdosed by Touching Fentanyl Is NonsenseThe terrifying tale has been reported as fact, but toxicologists doubt that it is medically possible.
June 26 2017 5:57 PMWant to Curb the Opioid Epidemic? Don’t Limit Access to Health Care.Offering affordable mental health care coverage is one of the best ways to prevent or address addiction. The Republicans’ ACA replacement takes that away.
June 21 2017 4:50 PMHow Hot Is Too Hot to Run Outside?With enough preparation and training, it’s possible to run long distances in the heat.
June 12 2017 9:15 AMHow to Assess Internet Cures Without Falling for Dangerous PseudoscienceA community on Facebook practically cured my horrendous illness. Here’s how you can navigate the scary waters to potentially find real solutions, too.
June 6 2017 5:10 PMJournalists, Stop Using Words Like Addict and Drug Abuser Not only does the Associated Press say so, but it will also help you do better work.
May 25 2017 12:42 PMAmericans Have Realized They Deserve Health CareHow long until they accept that the only way to guarantee it is through single-payer?
May 20 2017 5:55 AMThe Scales Have Tipped on Fish and PregnancyThe benefits of eating fish during pregnancy vastly outweigh the risks. So why do the recommendations still put women off from seafood?
May 17 2017 10:00 AMTraveling Abroad? Born Before 1989? You May Need a New Measles Vaccination.The wildly contagious virus is still alive and well in Europe, Africa, and Asia—if you’re going there, you might need better protection.
May 1 2017 4:51 PMFemale Genital Mutilation Isn’t a Muslim Issue. It’s a Medical Issue.Politicization of the topic is masking a bigger problem: Many women in the U.S. need medical care regarding it, and we’re ill-equipped to help them.
April 14 2017 9:08 AMThis Dramatic Graph Shows How the Pro-Vaccine Movement Can WinThe anti-vaxxers have relied on their passion to push bad policy. We can beat them—we just have to find ours.
March 24 2017 1:04 PMEmergency Doctors Are Breaking Tradition to Oppose the AHCA CompromiseWe’re notoriously moderate, but in a statement this week, our governing body took a new approach.
March 15 2017 5:25 AMStop Saying Donald Trump Is Mentally IllHe is a “reality” artist, building an evil new society. We must realize this to stop him.