Sex, food, and shame.

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July 12 2010 9:42 AM

Extreme Insertions

Sex, food, and shame.

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DVDA is a joke—it's physically impossible. But fisting, glory holes, and paying women to be penetrated  in various ways by dozens of men on camera are real. When these practices are promoted and distributed as video entertainment, they spread ideas. Forgive me for those links, dear reader, but there are people who think it's hip and liberated to reject any sense of shame about pornography. For these self-styled feminists, I hope Major League Eating is a sobering analogy. If what happened to Linda Lovelace's body can't move you to moral judgment, maybe what happens to Joey Chestnut's body can.

Beyerstein has the right idea: Just because "extreme insertions" are legal—and should be—doesn't mean we have to pretend they're OK. "It's a free country," she writes. "If adults get a kick out of pushing these boundaries, let them indulge; but let's not kid ourselves about the source of the appeal."

If that's true of eating, why isn't it true of sex?

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