Children seeking athletic enhancement through surgery.

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July 20 2007 9:44 AM

Arms and the Boy

Children seeking athletic enhancement through surgery.

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India plans to begin mandatory registration of pregnancies. Stated reasons: 1) To identify "pockets" where pregnancies hugely outnumber births, so that these pockets "can then be investigated" for illegal sex-selection abortions. 2) To track infant mortality. The minister for women and children wants to restrict abortions to an "acceptable reason," but the ministry won't say what that means. Government spin: We're trying to save girls. Critique: … so their wombs can be controlled by Big Brother. (For Human Nature's take on partial-birth abortions and ultrasound, click here. For more on government-prohibited and government-mandated abortion, click here. To debate pregnancy registration and sex-selection abortions, click here.)

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