Using nuns … to sell beer … as medicine.

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June 8 2007 9:22 AM

Bad Habits

Using nuns … to sell beer … as medicine.

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The Internet is killing the porn industry. For the first time in years, video sales and rentals are down. Old trend: The Web helped the industry by facilitating anonymous purchases and downloads. New trend: It's drying up demand for paid porn by facilitating uploads of free, cheaply made porn. Old complaint against porn: It's crudely made trash. New complaints by porn industry: 1) Free porn is crudely made trash, whereas we use sophisticated actors, sets, and lighting. 2) Porn consumers don't seem to appreciate the difference. 3) When we offer them free samples, they just use us for their pleasure and leave us with nothing. Human Nature's view: For all you sophisticates in the porn business … it's called irony. (For a previous update on the average viewing time of pay-per-view porn, click here. For porn HDTV, click here. For cell-phone porn, click here. For virtual-sex technology, click here. For live, on-demand sex, click here.)

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