Oceans of water frozen in Mars.

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March 16 2007 10:05 AM

Cold Comfort

Oceans of water frozen in Mars.

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Housing data and anecdotes suggest more married couples are sleeping apart. Some builders say more than 25 percent of their projects have two master bedrooms; a construction survey predicts that in custom homes, the percentage will soon surpass 60. Explanations: 1) Spouses don't get along. 2) One doesn't want sex. 3) One snores. 4) One's a night person. 5) I can't stand how he tucks in the covers. 6) When the kids moved out, there were enough rooms for each of us to have a bedroom. 7) It's more private and romantic. 8) It's more erotic. 9) We still cuddle together. 10) Today's couples need more space. 11) Today's couples need more sleep. 12) Today's couples are so secure they don't need joint sleeping to validate their marriages. Cynical view: Today's couples are too vain, tortured, and clueless to realize that they want exactly the same separation as yesterday's couples, except that they can afford homes big enough to get it. (For a cheaper sexless alternative—putting a TV in your bedroom—click here.)

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