Testing your breast milk for alcohol.

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Feb. 16 2007 7:27 AM

Mammary Impairment

Testing your breast milk for alcohol.

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The military is testing a new way to regrow lost body parts. Motive: Soldiers are returning from Iraq with amputated limbs. Method: "extracellular matrix," the material that tells cells where to go and what to become. It's currently used to repair rotator cuffs, Achilles tendons, hernias, and bladders. The military arranged the test in part because a man photographed his finger's regrowth (after losing the last three-eighths of an inch) over four months. He says his regrown fingertip behaves like a newborn's, staying intact while his other fingertips crack in cold weather. (WSJ link requires subscription.) (For Human Nature's take on using fetuses to regenerate tissue, click here.)

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