How brain damage cures smoking.

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Jan. 26 2007 9:52 AM

Lucky Stroke

How brain damage cures smoking.

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High-definition video is embarrassing porn stars. Problems: razor burn, cellulite, wrinkles, pimples, visible veins, fake boobs. Remedies tried so far: diets, exercise, makeup, tanning spray, grooming assistance, cosmetic surgery, softening lights, changing sex positions, and airbrushing. Directors' attitude: HD is cool. Actresses' complaints: 1) The men in the industry are "willing to sacrifice our vanity and imperfections to beat each other" to HD. 2) "I'm having my breasts redone because of HD." (For a previous update on live, on-demand sex, click here. For virtual-sex technology, click here. For the average viewing time of pay-per-view porn, click here.)

Trans fats may cause female infertility. Data: "Each 2% increase in the intake ofenergy from trans unsaturated fats, as opposed to that fromcarbohydrates, was associated with a 73% greater risk of ovulatoryinfertility," even after adjustment for fertility risk factors. Hypothesis: Trans fats disrupt a fertility-boosting "cell receptor involved in inflammation, glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity." Next: Trans fats cause ADHD and herpes. (For Human Nature's take on banning trans fats, click here.)


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