The new rap on trans fats: infertility.

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Jan. 19 2007 9:14 AM

Birth-Control Doughnuts

The new rap on trans fats: infertility.

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Los Angeles County supervisors voted to consider a ban on trans fats. This follows a ban adopted last month in New York City. The L.A. City Council has already requested a study on possible restrictions. California Restaurant Association's question: "What's next? Butter, cheese or anything that has saturated fat?" Political answer: What's next is L.A. (For Human Nature's take on banning trans fats, click here.)

Prostate cancer treatment reduced penis length by 40 percent in a Turkish study. The treatment was "androgen suppression plus radiation"; the result over 18 months was a reduction in average "stretched penile length" from 5.6 to 3.4 inches. Authors' proposed warning: If you choose this treatment, you may lose some of your penis. Human Nature's proposed warning: If you don't choose this treatment, your penis may lose you. (For a previous update on condoms and short Indian penises, click here. For insects with two penises, click here. For the first penis transplant, click here.)


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