Gay animals on exhibit.
Gay animals on exhibit.
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Oct. 13 2006 9:49 AM

Nature and Sodomy

Gay animals on exhibit.

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States are banning alcohol inhalers. The devices, which start at $300, vaporize booze so you can get a faster buzz. Seventeen states have banned them; seven more are considering it. Liquor companies and drug czars are pushing the laws. Banners' arguments: 1) Inhalers "could encourage alcohol abuse and drunk driving." 2) They could evade laws that ban kids from "drinking" alcohol but not inhaling it. 3) They have "no purpose other than to get you drunk," bypassing "the tactile pleasures of drinking wine with a fine meal." Rebuttals: 1) Liquor companies and their pet politicians are using the bans to block competition. 2) Liquid booze also encourages abuse and drunk driving. 3) Remind us what Thunderbird and Colt 45 have to do with fine meals? 4) The inhalers don't even get you drunk. (For Human Nature's take on alcohol, Mark Foley, and Mel Gibson, click here.)

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