Procreate by 40, boys, or you'll start shooting blanks.
Procreate by 40, boys, or you'll start shooting blanks.
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May 26 2006 7:27 AM

The Male Biological Clock

Procreate by 40 or you'll start shooting blanks.

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Southern Illinois University is bracing for another round of deer attacks on humans. This year's fawning season is about to peak; during last year's peak, at least four people were hospitalized and three were injured or threatened by deer. In one case, a deer charged a woman, knocked her down, snorted, and repeatedly kicked her, bruising her and "slicing open one of her ears." Authorized explanations: 1) It's our fault for invading their habitat. 2) It's our fault for approaching them. 3) It's our fault for trying to pet their fawns. 4) The mommy deer are just protecting their young. Unauthorized explanation: There are too many deer and not enough hunters. Call Dick Cheney! (For Human Nature's previous updates on attacks by alligators, chimps, and lions, click here, here, and here.)

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