What sexy women do to men's thinking skills.
What sexy women do to men's thinking skills.
Science, technology, and life.
April 21 2006 9:47 AM

This is Your Brain on Jugs

What sexy women do to men's thinking skills.

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Products for fat people are proliferating. The list now includes big umbrellas, big lingerie, Size-32 bridal gowns, wider car seats, seat belt extenders, stronger footstools, reinforced beds, armless chairs, handbooks that discuss "irritations caused by skin folds," and "lotion applicators and sponges attached to handles—enabling the user to reach all parts of the body." Hospitals are installing "wider wheelchairs, wider doorways, longer needles and bigger CT scan machines." The final touch: wider and sturdier coffins. Fat-products industry's view: "You can't just yell at someone and tell them to lose weight." Human Nature's view: A coffin is worth 1,000 words. (For Human Nature's take on the war on fat, click here.)

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