Why old men shouldn't impregnate young women.
Why old men shouldn't impregnate young women.
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April 28 2006 9:10 AM

Predators and Preemies

Why old men shouldn't impregnate young women.

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Pregnant women shouldn't work more than 24 hours per week in a high-stress job, according to Dutch researchers. Their study shows that working a stressful job more than 32 hours per week increases your risk of pregnancy hypertension and lowers your kid's birth weight by an average of one-third of a pound—the same reduction caused by smoking. Lower birth weight increases a child's later risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Oh, and according to a Danish study, weaning babies from breastfeeding at one month "increased the likelihood of alcoholism by 65 percent" later in their lives. Old message of modern science: Women can do anything men can do. New message of modern science: Get thee to a nursery. (For Human Nature's previous update on pregnancy and heart attacks, click here.)

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