How dying hearts can heal themselves.
How dying hearts can heal themselves.
Science, technology, and life.
April 14 2006 8:40 AM

Can A Dying Heart Heal Itself?

Yes—if you give it a few years' rest.

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El Paso, Texas, is requiring microchip implants in all cats and dogs. The chips, which are small enough to be injected with a syringe, identify the animal in a national registry. Failure to put a chip in your pet is a misdemeanor. The idea is to identify missing pets and deter owners from abandoning them. City officials' rationale: It's costing us $2.5 million per year to claim, feed, euthanize, and bury these pets. Cynic's view: Instead of abandoning the pets, owners will now euthanize and bury them for you.

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