The world's second face transplant.
The world's second face transplant.
Science, technology, and life.
April 17 2006 7:59 AM

Another Face Transplant?

This week's surgeons: the People's Liberation Army.

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A very small study suggests that tanning may be addictive. The study compared eight frequent tanners to eight infrequent tanners. Findings: 1) The frequent tanners preferred ultraviolet light more than the infrequent tanners did. 2) A drug that interferes with opiate addiction "reduced ultraviolet preference in frequent tanners." 3) The drug caused half of the frequent tanners, but none of the infrequent tanners, to "experience nausea or jitteriness, consistent with opiate withdrawal." This backs up previous findings that some tanners are obsessive. Researchers' theory: Ultraviolet radiation generates endorphins, which become addictive. (For Human Nature's previous update on the AMA's proposal to ban teenagers from indoor tanning, click here.)

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