The latest news from science and technology.

The latest news from science and technology.

The latest news from science and technology.

Science, technology, and life.
Dec. 8 2005 9:23 AM

Why the Screwball Gets the Girl

And other news from science and technology.

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A factory is producing "biodiesel" from animal parts. It uses "bones, innards and other parts of farm animals" that people won't eat. Compared to fossil fuels, biodiesel radically cuts smog and greenhouse gases. The good news for environmentalists: less global warming. The bad news: another incentive to slaughter animals.

Surgeons performed the world's first face transplant. The recipient, who had been mauled by a dog, got the brain-dead donor's nose, lips, and chin. Critics oppose face transplants because they're elective and pose risks of identity confusion, tissue rejection, further disfigurement, and cancer. The surgeon who did this transplant also did the first hand-and-forearm transplant, which resulted in the patient amputating the hand.


Titan, a moon of Saturn, could replace Earth as our solar system's most habitable place. Scientists have just finished analyzing data from a probe we sent there. Tentative findings: Titan has many ingredients for life but is frozen at a primitive stage  because it's too far from the sun. But in four billion years, as the sun swells and incinerates Earth, Titan might warm up enough to produce life. (For Human Nature's take, click here.)

Liberals are looking for loopholes in the Vatican's new policy against gay priests. The policy bans ordination of people who "practice homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called 'gay culture.' " Liberal spins: 1) It's still OK to feel gay as long as you're celibate. 2) It's OK if it doesn't distract you from your job. 3) It's OK if you seem emotionally mature. 4) It's OK as long as homosexuality doesn't become your "primary identification." 5) It's OK as long as you preach "the immorality of homosexual genital activity." (For Human Nature's take, click here.)

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