The latest news from science and technology.
The latest news from science and technology.
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Dec. 2 2005 11:29 AM

Gizzards in Your Gas Tank

And other news from science and technology.

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A UNICEF report says 130 million women have endured female genital mutilation. Previous estimates said 2 million girls were mutilated each year; the new estimate is 3 million each year. But the increase is due to better reporting, and the trend actually seems to be going down: In Egypt and Guinea, where nearly all women aged 15-49 have had FGM, only half of these women said their daughters have had it.

A genetic mutation correlates with antisocial behavior in kids with ADHD. In a six-year sample of 240 ADHD kids, "Early-onset antisocial behavior" was "predicted by a specific COMT gene variant" even after accounting for IQ, age, and sex.


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