The price of preemies

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Jan. 6 2005 1:55 PM

The Price of Preemies

And other news from the techno-frontier.

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Liberal spin: This cuts the scientific legs out from under what was really a political decision. Now give us the pill.



Item: The FDA will let some terminally ill people take Ecstasy.

Outlets: Washington Post, Dec. 27; Associated Press, Dec. 28

Gist: The FDA has approved a study to see whether Ecstasy can help terminally ill cancer patients mellow out, connect with their families, and find spiritual transcendence. Another study is testing Ecstasy on post-traumatic stress disorder. Two others are testing psilocybin ("magic mushrooms") on obsessive-compulsive disorder and terminal cancer.

Positive spin: 1) Maybe we're finally admitting it's OK to get high. 2) Psychedelic drugs and FDA-approved antidepressants affect the same parts of the brain. Why allow one but not the other?

Negative spin: The study still needs approval from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Good luck.




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