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Human Nature
Nov. 17 2011 12:20 PMSex on the BrainAre boys’ brains different from girls’ brains? Scientists debate the question.
Nov. 7 2011 10:58 AMMississippi BirthingWould Mississippi’s embryonic “personhood” amendment outlaw birth control? Apparently so.
Oct. 3 2011 10:06 AMDrones Are Death WarrantsCan the U.S. send drones to execute American citizens like Anwar al-Awlaki without trial? You bet.
Sept. 19 2011 2:31 PMDSK's DefenseDominique Strauss-Kahn says the New York district attorney cleared him of sexual violence. Is that true?
Sept. 14 2011 9:43 AMTarzan the Diaper ManTestosterone shrinks when men become dads. Does that mean they're designed to nurture kids?
Sept. 8 2011 8:45 AMRick Perry's Crotch ShotMandatory health insurance, no. Mandatory injections to protect your vagina, yes.
Aug. 31 2011 8:13 AMFlying While BlackIf you want to screen Muslims as potential terrorists, you'll have to target blacks.
Aug. 16 2011 9:12 AMHalf-AbortedWhy do "reductions" of twin pregnancies trouble pro-choicers?
July 19 2011 8:20 AMDSK's MILF?A young woman says Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her. Did he have brutal sex with her mother, too?
July 12 2011 8:41 AMMen Are From Cuddle, Women Are From PenisA new study supposedly says women want sex but men want cuddling. Don't believe it.
July 5 2011 9:18 AMDid Dominique Strauss-Kahn Try To Rape Tristane Banon?Seven ways to check his story and hers against the evidence.
June 30 2011 7:54 AMKoh Is My God PilotCan the president wage a drone war without congressional approval? The Obama administration says yes.
June 13 2011 8:49 AMAssisted FeticideIs abortion like assisted suicide? A reply to Ross Douthat.
June 3 2011 3:46 PMLife After KevorkianHe fought for the right to assisted suicide. Now what should we do with it?
May 11 2011 8:46 AMKill the Men, Take the Thumb DrivesWas the Bin Laden raid a manhunt or an intelligence grab?
Nov. 15 2011 9:42 AMThe Resurrection of Gabby GiffordsThe congresswoman’s recovery, documented on video, shows how a brain reconstructs itself.
Oct. 6 2011 1:08 PMHelp the Next Steve JobsIf you want to honor Steve Jobs, do what somebody did for him: Donate your organs.
Sept. 29 2011 8:15 AMThe Model-Plane BomberSo much for airport security. The new terror threat is remote-controlled planes.
Sept. 16 2011 8:55 AMThe After-WifePat Robertson says Alzheimer's can justify divorce because your spouse is "gone." Is he right?
Sept. 12 2011 10:04 AMBloody PersonalIf you want to end the ban on gay men giving blood, tell us what you do in bed.
Sept. 6 2011 9:44 AMThe Retribution Will Not Be TelevisedTen years after 9/11, our answer to al-Qaida won't be on 9/11.
Aug. 29 2011 8:10 AMMad at MADDAlcohol merchants say you shouldn't donate to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Really?
July 21 2011 7:50 AMFully Digital PenetrationThe creepiest thing about naked body scanners is being removed: their human operators.
July 15 2011 9:12 AMRead My LispIs Michele Bachmann's husband gay? Don't trust gaydar to settle the question.
July 7 2011 8:43 AMSew-Inside BombersThe new terrorist threat: undetectable, surgically implanted bombs.
July 2 2011 5:11 PMSex, Lies, and AudiotapeThe collapse of the Strauss-Kahn case is a victory for corroboration and justice.
June 22 2011 11:08 AMMetal AlliesThe new face of a faceless global war: drones and the CIA.
June 7 2011 8:35 AMMeetless WeinerIf Anthony Weiner never met his online girlfriends in the flesh, does that mean he didn't cheat?
June 1 2011 11:11 AMGet Out of Jail UnfreeDominique Strauss-Kahn traded jail for GPS tracking. Why not let other defendants do the same?
May 5 2011 12:24 PMTheir Fates Were SEALedForget the U.S. version of the Bin Laden raid. Any adult male found in the compound was a dead man.