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Human Nature
Jan. 30 2013 2:37 PMThe Case for TortureWhat really happened in the CIA’s “enhanced" interrogations? Three former officials tell their stories.
Jan. 24 2013 2:19 PMTested in BattlePutting women in combat isn’t a dangerous “experiment” anymore. It’s a success.
Jan. 11 2013 8:19 AMGoon ControlTo beat the NRA, don’t focus on guns. Focus on keeping them away from dangerous people.
Jan. 2 2013 5:38 PMIs Fat Good?Epidemiologists struggle to explain a study that challenges a core belief: Fat will kill you.
Dec. 14 2012 7:20 PMSpeed KillsWhat’s the lesson of the Connecticut school massacre? The faster the weapon, the higher the body count.
Sept. 14 2012 4:57 PMPeace Be Upon YouInternet videos will insult your religion. Ignore them.
July 23 2012 9:09 AMArmored and DangerousThe scariest innovation in the Aurora mass shooting isn’t guns or ammo. It’s SWAT gear.
June 14 2012 10:49 AMA Liberal War on Science?Don’t bury Mark Regnerus’ study of gay parents. Learn what it can teach the left and right.
June 6 2012 9:56 AMMichael Bloomberg’s Wiener Orgies
If it’s bad to drink 17 ounces of soda, why is it good to eat 68 hot dogs?
May 22 2012 8:37 AMFifty Shades of GayIn the political war over ex-gay conversion therapy, sexually conflicted people get trampled.
April 10 2012 9:40 PMJohn Derbyshire’s ErrorThe ignorance of racial profiling.
March 8 2012 10:07 AMThe Aspirin StrategyWhat happens to college sex when you stop subsidizing birth control? Rush Limbaugh won’t like the answer.
Feb. 21 2012 7:40 AMDisability FraudDid Rick Santorum lie through his teeth about partial-birth abortion?
Feb. 3 2012 3:25 PMPlanned ObsolescenceHow to drive Planned Parenthood out of the abortion business.
Dec. 1 2011 9:10 AMAbortion Forever?Pro-choice and pro-life absolutists say fetal development doesn’t matter. They’re wrong.
Jan. 28 2013 8:38 AMUrine the Army NowLadies can’t pee outdoors, and other cringeworthy arguments for the ban on women in combat.
Jan. 14 2013 7:45 AMThe Party of RapeEvery time the GOP claims to have purged rape extremism, another Republican opens his mouth.
Jan. 8 2013 9:23 AMWho’s the Mother in Kansas?What happens when a state refuses to recognize same-sex relationships? The Kansas sperm-donor fiasco.
Dec. 18 2012 9:47 AMThe Volume KillersWhat happened at Sandy Hook in 10 minutes tells you what a high-speed shooter could do with more time.
Oct. 9 2012 12:05 AMThe HealerHow Shinya Yamanaka transformed the stem-cell war and made everyone a winner.
Aug. 14 2012 2:22 PMKillers in KevlarHow many gun-toting criminals are wearing body armor? A Slate investigation.
July 11 2012 1:02 PMDr. Pepper and Mr. Hot DogMichael Bloomberg thinks hot-dog contests are fun, but soda and burgers are shameful.
June 11 2012 9:08 AMBack in the GayDoes a new study indict gay parenthood or make a case for gay marriage?
June 1 2012 11:31 AMFetal FlawThe abortion politics of new prenatal tests.
April 26 2012 12:24 PMSlipping With the YemenisWe’re escalating our drone campaign in Yemen. Are we getting into a war?
March 12 2012 11:14 AMAfter-Birth AbortionThe pro-choice case for infanticide.
March 5 2012 8:41 AMPills for Sluts?Six questions for Rush Limbaugh about sex, promiscuity, and contraception.
Feb. 7 2012 2:27 PMHow Komen Became a ToolDefunding Planned Parenthood over “controversy” was politics by another name.
Dec. 5 2011 8:39 AMOccupy in the SkyHow do you control territory without troops? Ask the Israelis who fly drones over Gaza.
Nov. 21 2011 9:54 AMRule of LordThe Republican plan to nullify the courts and establish Christian theocracy.