Human Evolution
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Human Evolution

Meet Your Hominid Ancestors

Oct. 30 2012 12:33 PMThe Russian Anarchist Prince Who Challenged EvolutionAre we cooperative or competitive?
Oct. 23 2012 8:20 AMThe Most Spectacular Mutation in Recent Human HistoryHow did milk help found Western civilization?
Oct. 18 2012 9:09 AMLascaux’s PicassosWhat prehistoric art tells us about the evolution of the human brain.
Oct. 11 2012 3:15 AMThe Neanderthal in My Family TreeNew genetic evidence shows our ancestors interbred with now-extinct species.
Oct. 5 2012 4:00 AMWho Mastered Fire?The heated archaeological debate about which hominids first started cooking.
Oct. 26 2012 9:33 AMWhy Are Our Brains So Ridiculously Big?Tool use and exploration may be just side effects of social skills.
Oct. 19 2012 1:06 PMWhat Is War Good for? Ask a Chimpanzee.What apes and monkeys can teach us about the roots of human aggression.
Oct. 15 2012 1:54 PMWhat Are You So Scared of? Saber-Toothed Cats, Snakes, and Carnivorous Kangaroos.The evolutionary legacy of having been prey.
Oct. 9 2012 11:08 AMAre Humans Monogamous or Polygamous?Archaeologists, anthropologists, and biologists agree: It’s complicated.
Oct. 3 2012 12:02 AMAyn Rand vs. the PygmiesDid human evolution favor individualists or altruists?