Climate Desk
Climate Desk
Aug. 9 2016 5:23 PMThese Republicans Don’t Trust Trump’s Environmental ViewsTwo former heads of the EPA who served under Republican presidents have said they’ll support Clinton instead.
July 18 2016 4:32 PMMost Republicans Who Accept Climate Science Are Skipping ClevelandOf course, there aren’t that many of them, but of the few who do, most are sitting the Republican convention out.
Nov. 13 2015 9:08 AMHillary Clinton’s Plan to Help Coal CountryWhile the Republican candidates complain about lost jobs, she proposes a way to make new ones.
May 7 2015 5:26 PMDeaths in the ArcticThe last days of two scientists studying thinning sea ice.
March 14 2015 7:53 AMScott Walker Is the Worst Candidate for the EnvironmentIt’s a tough call, but the Wisconsin governor edges out the others when it comes to energy and pollution.
Dec. 30 2014 10:19 AMThe Year We Finally Started to Do Something About Climate ChangeExtreme weather, climate denial, and some hope.
Oct. 21 2014 11:53 AMTaking Research for GrantedTexas Republican Lamar Smith continues his crusade against independence in science.
June 2 2014 1:43 PMThe Puffin Cam Will Break Your HeartWill this year’s chicks be able to choke down strange new fish from the Gulf of Maine?
April 29 2014 1:34 PMThe Town Almost Swallowed by a Coal MineIf Germany can’t kick its coal habit, can anyone?
Feb. 14 2014 1:23 PMInternet Trolls Really Are Horrible PeopleNarcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic.
Jan. 7 2014 5:19 PMSeven Movies That Changed People’s Political ViewsScience says so.
Dec. 1 2013 9:45 AMCreationists and Climate Skeptics UniteWatch politicians say there’s no such thing as climate change because of God.
Oct. 29 2013 10:23 AMBefore and After in Breezy Point, QueensA year after Hurricane Sandy, rebuilding continues, but the neighborhood faces a new threat from Congress.
Sept. 16 2013 4:02 PMYour Refrigerator Is Heating the AtmosphereBut a little-known accord struck at the G2-0 summit may soon change that.
Sept. 6 2013 12:50 PMAustralia’s Extraordinary Political Drama Over Climate ChangeWill another prime minister be toppled on Saturday?
July 22 2016 3:22 PMTrump Didn’t Mention Climate Change in His RNC SpeechHe still managed to get environmental facts wrong, though.
April 22 2016 11:56 AMHave We Solved Climate Change Yet?Several countries are signing the Paris Agreement in New York. That’s great, but it’s not enough. 
June 4 2015 11:56 AMA Bold Plan to Burn LessEven oil companies see that oil should be more expensive.
March 19 2015 9:45 AMEurope Goes DarkHow Germany is preparing its extensive solar power network for a total solar eclipse.
Jan. 14 2015 4:49 PMPlug Those LeaksWhy Obama’s new methane regulations are a big deal.
Dec. 17 2014 10:42 AM“I’m Not a Scientist”Jeb Bush, who used to run Florida, doesn’t think humans cause climate change.
July 13 2014 12:13 PMInside YingliBehind the logos on the World Cup sidelines, a solar-panel manufacturer is trying to change the world. 
May 3 2014 10:15 AMWhy Should Evangelical Christians Care About Climate Change?Here are five reasons from an evangelical Christian climate scientist.
April 12 2014 8:13 AMThe Real Darwin FishWhy creationists hate Tiktaalik.
Jan. 20 2014 7:00 AMBuy Green. Sell Stranded.Even Wall Street is worried about climate change.
Jan. 4 2014 12:00 AMWinter Does Not Disprove Global WarmingOne more reason not to listen to Donald Trump.
Nov. 17 2013 7:00 AMA Climate-Change VictoryIf global warming is slowing, thank the Montreal Protocol.
Oct. 15 2013 10:59 AMDrought Is Coming for Your BeerUnlocking the barley genome could help prevent a brewing catastrophe.
Sept. 13 2013 6:02 PMPhotos and Video of Colorado UnderwaterThe massive floods in and around Boulder, Colo. 
Aug. 30 2013 12:29 PMWe Are All Making Forest Fires WorseHow climate change is fueling disasters like Yosemite.