Climate Desk
Climate Desk
Dec. 17 2014 10:42 AM“I’m Not a Scientist”Jeb Bush, who used to run Florida, doesn’t think humans cause climate change.
July 13 2014 12:13 PMInside YingliBehind the logos on the World Cup sidelines, a solar-panel manufacturer is trying to change the world. 
May 3 2014 10:15 AMWhy Should Evangelical Christians Care About Climate Change?Here are five reasons from an evangelical Christian climate scientist.
April 12 2014 8:13 AMThe Real Darwin FishWhy creationists hate Tiktaalik.
Jan. 20 2014 7:00 AMBuy Green. Sell Stranded.Even Wall Street is worried about climate change.
Jan. 4 2014 12:00 AMWinter Does Not Disprove Global WarmingOne more reason not to listen to Donald Trump.
Nov. 17 2013 7:00 AMA Climate-Change VictoryIf global warming is slowing, thank the Montreal Protocol.
Oct. 15 2013 10:59 AMDrought Is Coming for Your BeerUnlocking the barley genome could help prevent a brewing catastrophe.
Sept. 13 2013 6:02 PMPhotos and Video of Colorado UnderwaterThe massive floods in and around Boulder, Colo. 
Aug. 30 2013 12:29 PMWe Are All Making Forest Fires WorseHow climate change is fueling disasters like Yosemite.
Aug. 20 2013 12:03 PMThe Singing, Anti-Fracking Nuns of KentuckyThe unlikely activism of sisters who have lived on remote land for 200 years.
July 13 2013 8:45 AMLapping at LandmarksFive historic sites that are most vulnerable to sea-level rise.
May 17 2013 9:15 AMWashington Is Outdoing California and Texas in Renewable EnergyRenewable-energy consumption by state.
Oct. 13 2012 7:00 AMWhy Aren’t Politicians Listening to This Guy on Climate?Joe Romm says global warming is proven to be a winning campaign issue.
April 3 2012 6:30 AMWhy Are Gas Prices So High?Is it Obama's fault? A multimedia explanation.
Oct. 21 2014 11:53 AMTaking Research for GrantedTexas Republican Lamar Smith continues his crusade against independence in science.
June 2 2014 1:43 PMThe Puffin Cam Will Break Your HeartWill this year’s chicks be able to choke down strange new fish from the Gulf of Maine?
April 29 2014 1:34 PMThe Town Almost Swallowed by a Coal MineIf Germany can’t kick its coal habit, can anyone?
Feb. 14 2014 1:23 PMInternet Trolls Really Are Horrible PeopleNarcissistic, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and sadistic.
Jan. 7 2014 5:19 PMSeven Movies That Changed People’s Political ViewsScience says so.
Dec. 1 2013 9:45 AMCreationists and Climate Skeptics UniteWatch politicians say there’s no such thing as climate change because of God.
Oct. 29 2013 10:23 AMBefore and After in Breezy Point, QueensA year after Hurricane Sandy, rebuilding continues, but the neighborhood faces a new threat from Congress.
Sept. 16 2013 4:02 PMYour Refrigerator Is Heating the AtmosphereBut a little-known accord struck at the G2-0 summit may soon change that.
Sept. 6 2013 12:50 PMAustralia’s Extraordinary Political Drama Over Climate ChangeWill another prime minister be toppled on Saturday?
Aug. 23 2013 3:31 PMThis Sinkhole Is Swallowing Trees WholeEerie video from the site of a 24-acre sinkhole in rural Louisiana.
July 25 2013 7:30 AMLobsters Are Becoming Cannibal MonstersAnd global warming is to blame.
June 14 2013 5:10 PMMap: Places That Will Flood More Often Due to Global WarmingProjected changes in flood hazard areas by 2100, mapped.
March 4 2013 1:00 PMHow to Win Any Climate Change ArgumentA flow chart for debating with denialists.
Aug. 2 2012 10:48 AMWho’s Fracking in Your Backyard?New maps show where the chemicals can flow unannounced.
Feb. 17 2012 2:50 PMBattle-Hardened by the Climate WarsThe author of the "hockey stick" graph tells his story.