The Kids
The Kids

Go Ahead, Heap Rewards on Your Kid

Parents are told stickers and trinkets for good behavior will ruin their children—but the research is wildly misunderstood.

July 17 2017 5:50 AMThink Again Before Letting Your Kid on a TrampolineParents have no idea how dangerous they are. Here’s what you need to know.
June 19 2017 5:55 AMSwim Lessons Won’t Keep Your Toddler From DrowningIn fact, they could put your child at higher risk.
March 14 2017 2:45 PMBeware the BabocushIt’s tempting to use trendy new products to get your fussy baby to sleep. Many of them can be downright dangerous.
Jan. 16 2017 5:55 AMNorovirus Is ComingAnd you can’t stave it off by guzzling grape juice.
Aug. 22 2016 5:53 AMYes, You Eated Gogurt for Bekfast!Is repeating your toddler’s cute speech mistakes bad for her development?
June 14 2016 9:30 AM“Aw—Mommy Will Make It Better”Are parents turning their kids into whiny weaklings by overconsoling them?
April 8 2016 4:04 PMDo Vegan Kids Get Enough Nutrition?What happens to children’s minds and bodies when parents cut out meat, dairy, and eggs. 
Feb. 1 2016 5:47 PMHow Scary Is Zika for Pregnant Women?It’s a lot less frightening when you know the facts.
Dec. 18 2015 5:15 PMHow to Raise Generous KidsAnd how to keep them from believing stereotypes about the less fortunate.
Nov. 5 2015 1:41 PMBackward ThinkingIgnore the latest study on car-seat safety. There’s no serious danger to kids in rear-facing seats.
Sept. 18 2015 7:06 PMDon’t Trust YourselfYour child’s life depends on whether her car seat is installed right—and you probably did it wrong. Leave it to the experts.
Aug. 21 2015 4:33 PMThe Facts of LiceSchools, camps, and parents tend to do all the wrong things when they believe a kid is infested.
July 2 2015 2:36 AMIt’s Fine for Kids to Play With Pretend GunsIn fact, it might be good for them.
May 4 2015 1:35 PMParents Can’t Handle the ToothMoms and dads blame teething for their infants’ sleeplessness, crying, fevers, and diarrhea. They’re missing the real cause.
March 10 2015 3:57 PM“Possibly the Worst Approach”In an effort to protect kids from food allergies, American parents have been doing the opposite.
June 26 2017 5:48 AMThe Year of the TickThe little buggers are everywhere right now, and the risk of Lyme disease is high. Here’s how to protect your family.
May 30 2017 9:01 AMWhen Sunshine and Milk Aren’t EnoughMany kids don’t get enough vitamin D, and that is not great for their little, growing bodies.
Jan. 24 2017 7:30 AMAre Young Kids Doing Too Much Homework?Kindergartners and first-graders are bringing home 30 minutes of assignments a night. There are a few problems with that.
Nov. 23 2016 9:15 AMParenting Advice for the Trump EraMany moms and dads are nervous about the America their kids will grow up in. Here’s how to prepare them.
July 29 2016 9:13 AMYou’re Not Brushing Your Toddler’s Teeth?Surprise—you should be. Many parents don’t realize how early oral care needs to start.
May 10 2016 5:45 AMIn Defense of Absurdly Early BedtimesI make my kids go to sleep by 7:30 p.m., without exception. They’re happier and might even be smarter and healthier because of it.
March 10 2016 5:26 AMHow to Handle an Anxious KidIf your child worries about everything, you can help—by first looking at yourself.
Jan. 22 2016 6:00 AMThere Has Been No Collapse of ParentingThe bossy style espoused by physician Leonard Sax may be bad for kids.
Dec. 4 2015 5:57 AMShould Your Kids Take Probiotics?Sure, there can be benefits to boosting the body’s good bacteria, but the choices are not obvious. Here’s what parents need to know.
Oct. 15 2015 4:57 PMSandboxes Are DisgustingThey can also be dangerous.
Sept. 4 2015 12:36 PMAs if Surgery Isn’t Scary Enough ...Now there are concerns that anesthesia can harm young children’s brains. Here’s what parents need to know. 
July 28 2015 4:40 PMCows vs. AlmondsWhich milk is best for toddlers?
May 22 2015 2:41 PMBe Very Afraid of TicksThe threat of tick-borne diseases is serious and growing. And you’re probably not doing enough to protect your family.
April 2 2015 2:29 PMThe End of the Nap WarsDoes your toddler fight you over daytime sleep? That might be because she doesn’t need it anymore.
Feb. 10 2015 7:10 PMDoes Breast-Feeding Protect My Baby From Measles?Answers for understandably freaked-out parents of unvaccinated infants.