Hanna Rosin Reddit AMA: The End of Men author takes Reddit’s questions.

Hanna Rosin Takes Reddit’s Questions in an AMA

Hanna Rosin Takes Reddit’s Questions in an AMA

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Jan. 29 2013 6:23 PM

Hanna Rosin vs. the Angry Dudebros

The End of Men author takes Reddit’s questions.

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Gryphonlord: Why do you claim feminism is about equality when you're actively advocating that women are superior?

Hanna Rosin: Here, fine I will answer this one since so many of you seem interested, and this person is at least succinct. I am not arguing that women are superior. I am merely saying that what schools and many segments of the economy reward now happen to play up to the natural strengths of women. Not the biological gifts of women, but their natural strengths—the way they've been socialized to be. This could change any moment. Technology could make obsolete all jobs that require a human touch, and the world could be run by robots and the people programming them, which might be mostly men. Or, another future scenario: Men tune in and get the skills and education they need to succeed, and we all stop being hard on men who take jobs that were once considered "unmanly." Or, as I describe in my chapter about women and violence, women in power start committing the same sins as men. Lots of things could happen. I am only describing a moment in time, not a permanent hierarchy.



BaduRainsDestruction: I just want to let you know that I love the amount of man-rage you inspire.

Hanna Rosin: I'm getting the feeling that it is definitely NOT the end of men at Reddit—that this is like the 21 Club (or maybe the Hooters) of online communities, one of those places where men still feel free to let loose.

Totallynotbb: I'm kind of surprised that nobody clued you into this ugly aspect of Reddit before proposing you do this AMA. In case you're curious, Reddit's resident angry dudebros have been planning to ambush you since last night.

Eliaspowers: Meta question: Did you expect this degree of hostility coming into the AMA? I assumed (correctly) that MRA would ambush the thread, but is that something you were prepared for?

I'd be interested in your thoughts on how things are going so far.

Also, I don't know how familiar you are with Reddit, but please keep in mind that you are being besieged by a small subset of highly ideological Redditors rather than the Reddit population in general, where there is more ideological diversity.

Hanna Rosin: I knew in advance they'd be interested but, uh, not that interested.


UVdogastrophe: I asked David this last week, and I wanted to give you a chance to answer: Other than your fellow Gabfest panelists and your husband, who is the most enjoyable person at Slate with which to argue/discuss political and societal issues?

Hanna Rosin: I really, really love working at Slate largely because people there are open-minded and so fun to talk to. I just had a great email exchange with Dan Engber on a point of statistics he corrected me on, and he was so right! I loved having Will Saletan and Seth Stevenson on the podcast. Last week I was in the D.C. office talking to Dan Kois about his piece on karaoke, and Emily Bazelon about her new book, and Josh Levin about sports scandals and... I could go on.


Dankois: Do you think that black cherry Fresca is gross, like your completely wrong husband? Or do you have normal taste buds?

Hanna Rosin: Did not even know that such a vile thing existed. But I did once drink Dr. Brown's black cherry soda and enjoy it. So am I abnormal?

Hanna Rosin: Thanks all, would love to stay and chat but time for me to go order David around and yell at him about the laundry.