Gender and Migration
Gender and Migration

A Dangerous Game

Night after night in a Greek port, refugees and migrants wait for their chance at a better life.

Feb. 23 2017 5:30 AM“There Is No Life Here”Conditions are so bad for young refugees stranded in Greece, many pay smugglers to help them leave.
Nov. 28 2016 9:00 AMA Woman AloneAs an English-speaking Syrian, Zeina Al-Shamaly has more opportunities than many refugees. Her future is still bleak.
July 19 2016 10:41 AMLearning to Love the Sea AgainAfter surviving traumatic journeys, children of the refugee crisis are getting swimming lessons.
Jan. 27 2017 12:26 PM“There Was So Much Violence Around. I Felt So Alone. I Wanted to See My Mother.”Why are so many pregnant and parenting teens arriving at the U.S.–Mexico border?
Aug. 31 2016 7:30 AM“They Said We Would Pay With Our Lives”As Central American gangs increasingly target children for violence and sexual assault, more unaccompanied minors are heading to the United States.