Stalker friend, friends getting romantic, moving-day dilemmas—Friend or Foe advises readers at

Advice on sticky friendship dilemmas.
June 14 2011 7:03 AM

My Sad Sack Friend Won't Leave Me Alone

I've already told her to stop contacting me. What else can I do?

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Dear Friend or Foe,

In coming centuries it's quite possible that, when it comes time to reproduce, women will press some button on their inner thigh. In the meantime, able-bodied young men are good for the following gender-specific things: sex (procreative and nonprocreative); installing air conditioners; and, yes, moving heavy furniture up narrow flights of stairs. In short, I think you and your boyfriend are overthinking this by half. Call either Cindy or her boyfriend (whoever you're more comfortable calling) and say you want to ask a huge favor for which you'll be eternally grateful and which will be rewarded with a six-pack of cold beer. If the guy is even remotely a mensch, he'll say yes—and find time. If he feels "put on the spot" or inconvenienced, too bad. Moving day is what friends are for.

Friend or Foe