Friend Or Foe
Friend Or Foe

My Roommate Steals Tubs of Butter in the Night

I’m pretty sure she’s bulimic. Should I confront her?

March 6 2012 6:35 AMMy Friend Stole My Pain MedsShould I stage an intervention, or let it go?
Feb. 7 2012 7:00 AMMy Roommate, the Single Mom, Has a Cocaine ProblemDo I move out of this toxic situation at the risk of abandoning her?
Jan. 10 2012 6:53 AMMy Friend’s Fiancé Won’t Get a Divorce From His First WifeHe keeps making excuses, and it’s driving me crazy.
Dec. 13 2011 6:34 AMMy Friend Treats Me Like I’m Her TherapistAnd I’m sick of it.
Nov. 15 2011 7:09 AMMy Friend Won’t Shut Up About Her KidsShe used to discuss other topics, but no longer. Can I stop listening?
Oct. 18 2011 7:24 AMI Skipped My Best Friend’s WeddingHow do I get her to forgive me?
Sept. 6 2011 6:58 AMHow Do I Handle My Office Frenemy?An old buddy helped me get a new job—but now she's acting less than friendly.
Aug. 9 2011 12:54 PMMy Ex-Sorority Sister Acts Like a Drunken ToddlerShe drinks too much and freaks out if she doesn't get her way. Should I cancel our upcoming vacation?
July 12 2011 6:24 AMMy Friend Thinks I'm Blinded by LoveMy boyfriend is divorced, has four kids and ADHD—and my good friend hates him. What should I do?
June 14 2011 7:03 AMMy Sad Sack Friend Won't Leave Me AloneI've already told her to stop contacting me. What else can I do?
May 17 2011 6:55 AMJerry Springer Wedding Edition!I've been asked to be a bridesmaid—by a woman I once got in a bar brawl with.
April 19 2011 10:03 AMWedding Guest Gone WildMy manipulative friend almost ruined two weddings. Should I forget her?
March 22 2011 7:13 AMInfertility Is Wrecking Our FriendshipI can't even mention my kids to my friend who is having trouble conceiving without her crying. What should I do?
Feb. 22 2011 10:25 AMCan I Find a Female Friend Who Likes Poop Jokes?All my male buddies have left me behind, and I'm having trouble making friends with women. What am I doing wrong?
Jan. 25 2011 7:01 AMHelp, My Friend Says I'm Cheap!I hosted her kids. Shouldn't she pay me back?
Feb. 21 2012 7:18 AMMy Divorced Friend Is Moving InI said she could stay with my husband and me, but now I’m regretting it.
Jan. 24 2012 6:58 AMI Was Attacked at Game NightA card game turned violent, and my so-called friends are siding with my assailant.
Dec. 27 2011 7:10 AMWhy Is My Husband Banned from Girls’ Night Out?My friend refuses to include him at our annual reunion. Is she in the wrong?
Nov. 29 2011 6:30 AMThree of My Best Girl Friends Dumped MeAm I to blame, or do I just need better pals?
Nov. 1 2011 7:20 AMA Helicopter Mom Is Alienating My Kid’s Sports TeamWe’re friends, but should I throw her in the penalty box?
Sept. 20 2011 6:56 AMShould I Make My Friend Shave Her Head?We made a pact that she wouldn't move in with someone unless she was engaged—and she broke it.
Aug. 23 2011 6:52 AMMy Friend Blabbed About the Ring My Boyfriend Bought MeShe's childish and irresponsible and my fiance doesn't like her. How can I keep her in my life?
July 26 2011 10:05 AMMy Friend Is Dating Her Married BossHe's a total jerk who dictates what she eats and who she sees. How can I stay friends with her?
June 28 2011 7:03 AMIs My Friend Just Using Me for My Extra Bedroom?She comes to stay almost every month, but then she doesn't spend any time with me. Should I dump her?
May 31 2011 7:40 AMI Don't Want To Mingle With This SingleWe're the last two unmarried women in our circle—and she's driving me nuts.
May 3 2011 6:59 AMThe Case of the Prickly DebutanteDid I ruin a potential friendship because I laughed at photos from her teenage cotillion?
April 5 2011 10:12 AMMy Overweight Friends Make Fun of Me How should I handle their cracks about my size?
March 8 2011 10:06 AMOur Rich Friends Don't Understand Why We Can't Make Date NightDo we have to tell them we can't afford to socialize?
Feb. 8 2011 10:16 AMI Keep Covering for My Hypochondriac Co-WorkerI'm sick of doing my friend's work. Should I confront her?
Jan. 11 2011 10:39 AMMy Friend Doesn't Respect My Sex AddictionIs she trying to sabotage my recovery?