Friend Or Foe
Friend Or Foe
Dec. 28 2010 7:01 AMShould I Dump My Flaky Friend?Once she bailed on dinner plans because she had just painted her nails.
Nov. 30 2010 7:10 AMFacebook Friends or Real Ones?I reconnected online with a college friend who dumped me. Should I trust her?
Nov. 2 2010 7:00 AMMy Friend Who Has a Colicky Baby Won't Give Up Dairy!And more dilemmas.
Oct. 5 2010 7:12 AMHelp! My Friend Is a Bigot!Should I stop talking to her?
Sept. 7 2010 10:27 AMWhy Is My Friend Asking To Kiss My Husband?Is it just in jest, or does she have a crush on him?
Aug. 10 2010 7:15 AMWhy Can't I See My Friend Without Her Rug Rats?I'm her old pal, not a surrogate auntie.
July 13 2010 10:04 AMDoes My Ex Have Mommy Issues?He's only 25. Why is he hanging out with my 52-year-old friend?
June 15 2010 10:04 AMWhen Friends Self-MedicateWhat to do when your pals won't get the professional help they need.
May 18 2010 9:56 AMMy Husband and I Live With a Slob!How to get rid of a messy, drunken roommate without ruining the friendship.
April 20 2010 9:43 AMMy Paranoid Friend Thinks Her Husband Is CheatingBut she has no evidence of an affair.
March 23 2010 10:08 AMIs My Bawdy BFF Trying To Steal My Boyfriend?Advice for a woman who is worried a friend is a little too close to her guy.
Feb. 23 2010 10:39 AMTea-Party TraumaMy friend's extreme politics have come between us.
Feb. 1 2010 2:06 PMFriend or Foe: Help, I'm a Serial Dumper!Advice for a woman who ditches friends too easily.
Dec. 14 2010 10:11 AMMy Pal Is the Food PoliceI know I'm overweight, but does my friend have the right to tell me what to eat?
Nov. 16 2010 6:55 AMAre Our Tickle Fights More Than Friendly?I have feelings for my bestie, and I think it's mutual.
Oct. 19 2010 7:00 AMIs My Friend a Homicidal Maniac?He posts scary Facebook messages. Should I tell someone?
Sept. 21 2010 10:02 AMDoes My Best Friend Prefer Her iPhone to Me?Why did she spend her money on a gadget instead of on my birthday?
Aug. 24 2010 10:00 AMIs My Boyfriend's Drugged-Out Buddy a Bad Influence?They've been friends since high school, but I want him out of our lives.
July 27 2010 10:02 AMWary GodmotherDoes it make sense to remain a child's spiritual adviser when you barely speak to his parents?
June 29 2010 10:01 AMMy Friends Said My Husband Wasn't Hot Enough for MeAdvice for a woman whose friends complain that her husband is fat.
June 1 2010 7:15 AMOne Is Silver and the Other's MoldAdvice for women who want to break up with old friends.
May 4 2010 10:12 AMMy Jilted Bridesmaid Threatened To Kill My Fiance!I left her out of the wedding party; now she's threatening to shoot my man.
April 6 2010 10:13 AMFacebook Faux PasI secretly read my friend's mean messages about me and now I don't know how to act around her.
March 9 2010 10:28 AMTrading Spouses?My friend's attraction to my hot husband freaks me out.
Feb. 8 2010 9:38 AMHave I Been Friend-Poached?Advice for a woman who thinks her friends have been stolen.