Kate Middleton and Prince William are rahs—an English version of preps but with more paisley.

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April 20 2011 7:07 AM

The Official "Rah" Handbook

Prince William and Kate Middleton aren't preppies. You should call them "rahs."

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Uh oh, we're done reading ancient Greek at Oxford. Daddy says it's time to make a living. Let's start a side business. Charity cupcakes. Novelty panties. P.R. Wedding planning?

Yes, wedding planning. But am I wrong in thinking that many of you lovelies are planning weddings with Prince Harry en ce moment? Bewareth thy rah rivals. But if the downward plunge from commoner to American seems not too precipitous for a royal bride, sally forth, and get thee a rah makeover. Omnia vincit amor!! (Oh apolzzz, do you not read Latin?) xxxxxxxxxx