“I Don’t Think I Was Brave. I Was Angry.”

One woman who spoke out about Trump’s alleged groping on what it’s like to watch his presidency—and how she feels about the fall of Harvey Weinstein.

Oct. 11 2017 3:55 PMHarvey Weinstein’s Biggest Enabler?A culture that assumes sexual harassment is simply how the world works.
Sept. 29 2017 3:59 PMIs It Time to Change the Definition of “Woman”?How dictionaries are keeping track of the fraught, fast-evolving conversation around the language of gender.
Aug. 24 2017 2:51 PMThe Racists of OkCupid Don’t Usually Carry Tiki TorchesHow will banning vocal white supremacists really make dating sites safer?
June 15 2017 9:00 AMPro-Women. Pro-Republican. Anti-Trump.They stumped for Hillary. Now they want to change their party from within.
May 8 2017 5:57 AMThe Battle Over Susan B. AnthonyBehind a quiet house museum are anti-abortion activists with a mission: to claim America’s most famous historical feminist as their own.
April 21 2017 6:51 PMWhat It TakesO’Reilly, Ailes, Cosby, Trump: Three alleged sexual predators found disgrace. A fourth became president. What made the difference?
April 6 2017 8:59 AMAgainst SpankingStacey Patton, author of a new book about black America’s relationship with corporal punishment, says it’s time to understand it as abuse, not mere discipline.
March 6 2017 5:45 AMMade in the USAAmericans may think of International Women’s Day as a sentimental export from abroad—but this week’s global strike is a throwback to its real history.
Feb. 9 2017 3:27 PMThe Other Women Harmed by a Trump PresidencyFor those who care about international women’s rights, the best-case scenario is benign neglect.
Jan. 27 2017 6:50 PM“Hopefully This Will Be the Last March We Have to Have”Anti-abortion activists are feeling good about their chances.
Jan. 22 2017 5:34 PMThe Trump Resistance Will Be Led by Angry WomenOutrage over Trump’s sexism has spurred people to political action. The Women’s March on Washington was just the beginning.
Dec. 27 2016 2:16 PMThe Empire Strikes BackWe thought women would break new ground in 2016. We were wrong.
Dec. 15 2016 12:56 PMWhat the Women of SCOTUS KnowIn these troubled times, Justices O’Connor, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, and Kagan are all the role models we need.
Nov. 22 2016 9:38 AMWhen Adoption Stories Don’t Have Happy EndingsA man raised in the United States has been deported to South Korea, a country he left at age 3.
Nov. 1 2016 4:38 PMWinner but for WeinersHow lecherous men could ruin Clinton’s path to the presidency.
Oct. 11 2017 5:55 AMWarring CampsWhy there’s never been more rancor between the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts organizations.
Sept. 14 2017 3:51 PM“An Example of the System Gone Awry”A University of Rochester professor’s alleged sexual harassment is highlighting the murkiness of campus policy on faculty-student relationships.
June 29 2017 9:00 AMReading the ResistanceHow book clubs—and the women who join them—are meeting the moment of Trump. 
June 7 2017 9:01 AMBad News: We’re SexistNew data show how sexism played a role in Donald Trump’s election.
May 2 2017 5:17 PMIvanka Trump’s New Book Exploits and Cheapens FeminismIn her world, the possibilities for working women are endless—so long as they have full-time household help.
April 7 2017 4:12 PMHillary Clinton Is Not Going AwayGood.
April 4 2017 5:55 AMWhen Does Life Begin? It’s Not So Simple.Fetal personhood bills are gaining steam—but many religious and scientific ethicists, as well as women, see the path to personhood as a gradual one.
March 2 2017 2:02 PMWaiting for ICE to StrikeAn American college student knows her parents could be deported any day—and if they are, she’ll need to leave to take care of her family.
Feb. 2 2017 5:02 PMWhat Will Happen to Title IX Under Trump?Obama strengthened protections for sexual assault victims and trans students. Trump could undo all that.
Jan. 22 2017 6:05 PMA Trump Family PageantOn Inauguration Day, America got an unsettling portrait of the smug, white, privileged blended clan now anchoring the White House.
Jan. 22 2017 3:02 PMThe Triumphantly Big Tent of the Women’s March on WashingtonA broad progressive agenda drew half a million protesters, with widely varied goals but a shared desire for change.
Dec. 22 2016 4:13 PMCan Pantsuit Nation Survive Its Book Deal?Critics in the nearly 4 million–member group say they wanted to fight Trump. Instead, they’re getting a collection of heartwarming stories.
Nov. 23 2016 1:07 PMGetting the Women’s March on Washington on the RoadAfter the election, a hastily made Facebook event attracted the passion of thousands. Now, seasoned organizers are trying to turn it into something real.
Nov. 11 2016 9:17 AMHow #WomenWhoWork Helped Win the ElectionIvanka’s empowerment feminism and Donald’s abject sexism were strangely perfect bedfellows.
Oct. 28 2016 2:41 PMThe Marriage PlotDemocrats will need white women to resist their husbands’ appeals for Trump.