Dec. 11 2013 5:42 AMWhat the New York Times (and France) Got Wrong About ProstitutionThe idea that we should treat sex workers as “victims” and not “criminals” sounds right, but it falls short.
Dec. 3 2013 2:21 PMThe PISA PuzzleThe lessons of the big test for our school reform movement aren’t as simple as they might seem.
Nov. 25 2013 8:15 AMWhat Happens When Great Teachers Get $20,000 to Work in Low-Income Schools?Results.
Nov. 20 2013 11:43 PMSelfies Are Good for GirlsThink of all those photos they post of themselves as tiny bursts of pride.
Nov. 19 2013 11:19 AMWe’ve Been Measuring Rape All WrongThe Justice Department survey that tracks instances of sexual assault has been vastly undercounting.
Nov. 13 2013 11:52 PMMeat Is the First Thing to GoWhat it’s like to have your food stamps cut.
Nov. 9 2013 11:30 PMHana's StoryAn adoptee's tragic fate, and how it could happen again.
Nov. 6 2013 4:07 PMWhen It’s Your Kid in the Locker RoomWhat parents and coaches can learn from the NFL bullying scandal.
Nov. 1 2013 4:13 PMThe Fight to Criminalize Early-Term AbortionsNew rulings in Texas and Oklahoma could challenge the last remnant of Roe v. Wade.
Oct. 29 2013 11:26 AMIndia’s Man ProblemIn a country rife with sexual assault, too many “good men” look the other way.
Oct. 24 2013 11:26 AMLadies’ ChoiceVoter ID laws might suppress the votes of women. Republican women.
Oct. 21 2013 11:55 PMAxes of EvilWhat happens when a grown woman wears Axe fragrance for an entire week?
Oct. 15 2013 11:55 PMCollege Women: Stop Getting DrunkIt’s closely associated with sexual assault. And yet we’re reluctant to tell women to stop doing it.
Oct. 10 2013 5:07 PMWhy Are Male Marsupials Dying From Sex?Because the women in their lives can't get enough.
Oct. 4 2013 8:48 AMDoubleX Gabfest: The “What the Heck Is Dry Shampoo?” EditionListen to Slate’s show about how the government shutdown affects women, fall TV, and what BuzzFeed thinks about women in their 30s.
Dec. 10 2013 2:39 PMHow to Talk to Republican CongressmenA guide for women.
Dec. 3 2013 8:15 AMInto the WoodsAmerican kids don’t know how to explore. Maybe what they need is forest kindergarten.   
Nov. 21 2013 11:28 PMHow Jackie MournedWith poise and elegance, Jacqueline Kennedy helped America grieve. She also showed us the reality of death.
Nov. 20 2013 6:45 AMStop JuicingIt’s not healthy, it’s not virtuous, and it makes you seem like a jerk.
Nov. 18 2013 2:13 PMLessing Is MoreLessing was right to deny that The Golden Notebook was a feminist masterpiece.
Nov. 13 2013 3:42 PMFinally!Anti-choice activists have been gunning hard to outlaw abortion. Today, the Democrats pushed back.
Nov. 8 2013 9:15 AMLife Is a Series of DeadlinesFor the first time in 15 years, I got off the clock.
Nov. 5 2013 11:15 AMThe Upside of InfidelityCan an affair save your marriage?
Oct. 31 2013 7:15 AMWhy First-Born Kids Do Better in SchoolParents focus on disciplining their first children, and then … they give up. 
Oct. 24 2013 4:41 PMWhy Do We Insist That Only One Woman Can Run for Office at Any Given Time?
Oct. 22 2013 5:42 PM“Were You the One Who Did the Entry for Cunnilingus?”A conversation with Book of Jezebel editor Anna Holmes.
Oct. 17 2013 12:06 PMDon’t Be a CreepLessons from the latest terrible, sad, fascinating scandal in the science blogging world.
Oct. 10 2013 5:24 PMToo Much HappinessAlice Munro's Nobel Prize win moved me in unexpected ways.
Oct. 8 2013 8:08 AMEscape From New YorkLeaving the city was a great life decision. Guess where I ended up.
Oct. 3 2013 5:47 AMWhat Do You Call the Person You Are Probably Never Going to Marry?Your fiancé.