June 10 2016 11:22 AMLove, and Do What You WillAmy Rose Spiegel writes a sex advice book for a progressive generation.
June 7 2016 11:21 AMWhose Side Are You on? The Johnny Depp–Amber Heard split is creating some strange media bedfellows.
May 17 2016 11:11 AMLouder Than TrollsLindy West’s Shrill skewers sexism, fat-shaming, period stigma, and more.
May 13 2016 7:29 AM“When They Say No, People Won’t Listen”How anti-trans conservatives turn left-wing rhetoric to their advantage.
May 11 2016 12:13 PMAre You a Boy or a Girl?It starts with a gender-reveal celebration, and it culminates at the door of a bathroom in North Carolina. 
April 28 2016 10:00 AMToward a New Theory of the Bad Dad and HusbandAnd a new history of the women whose names and work will never be known.
April 7 2016 9:15 AMConfirmation BiasHow “Women for Judge Thomas” turned into a conservative powerhouse.
April 4 2016 1:52 PMHow “She Just Wants Attention” Became America’s Hottest Sexist InsultThe diabolical potency of a misogynist stereotype.
April 1 2016 5:58 AMWake Up and Smell the CoffeeDon’t be fooled by the scary reports that drinking caffeine before conception causes miscarriages.
March 28 2016 5:53 AMDirectly AccountableA stark Ohio case shows how tort reform harms victims of sexual assault.
March 21 2016 9:08 AMBeyond MarriageThe fourth season of House of Cards is a fascinating portrait of polyamory.
March 16 2016 4:40 PMOverheard at YaleYale’s history-making basketball team is at the center of a campus debate over free speech and sexual assault.
March 14 2016 1:58 PMIvanka Trump Makes Donald Even Scarier She is gracious, capable, and not crazy. What is she doing helping her father?  
March 8 2016 7:30 AMWhen Cool Turns CreepyIn stories of classroom sexual harassment, popular teachers are often the perpetrators.
Feb. 26 2016 1:04 PMDonald Trump’s Planned Parenthood HeresyHe gets away with it because he’s so good at making his supporters feel exonerated.
June 7 2016 3:21 PMWhat’s Wrong With the Brock Turner SentenceIt reveals our broken system for punishing sexual assault.
May 17 2016 2:06 PMHow Brands Get the Most Out of TrollsWhen bigoted weirdos attack progressive ad campaigns, everybody wins.
May 13 2016 12:58 PMWhy Hillary Should Pick Elizabeth Warren for VeepIt would instantly revitalize Clinton’s long slog of a campaign.
May 12 2016 5:55 AMThe Athleisure of UnmentionablesSlate asked lingerie experts about bralettes, the newest trend in undergarments.
May 6 2016 1:45 PM“We’ll Have a Completely Sexless Society”How bathrooms became the new battleground of the religious right.
April 18 2016 9:01 AMThere’s No Good Reason for an “Independent Study”And if your professor suggests one, run the other way. 
April 5 2016 5:45 AMA Workplace, an Ashram, or a Cult?Inside the sexual harassment lawsuit against Jivamukti Yoga.
April 4 2016 12:15 PMBirth Is Not Performance ArtA conversation with Amy Tuteur—the Skeptical OB—about the overreach of the natural childbirth movement.
March 28 2016 9:59 AMMisguided GeniusA new tool wants to annotate everything on the Internet. But at what cost?
March 27 2016 8:02 PMRoe v. Wade Was Lost in 1992How “undue burden”—a concept nurtured by anti-abortion groups and championed by the first woman on the Supreme Court—has eroded the right to choose.
March 17 2016 3:00 PMLong Road AheadA volunteer group in Texas is trying its best to drive around TRAP laws. 
March 15 2016 12:55 PMTesting Title IXPaul Nungesser’s Columbia case is the most recent attempt to turn the law from accuser to accused in cases of sexual assault.
March 9 2016 1:50 PMGet Home SafeHow much sexual assault is happening on ride-hailing services like Uber?
March 1 2016 5:16 PMChoosing Their ChoiceRebecca Traister’s All the Single Ladies, reviewed.
Feb. 24 2016 5:15 AMOpen SecretsThe social media–obsessed teens of Nancy Jo Sales’ American Girls never quite come into focus.