Bad Advice
Bad Advice

Cramer vs. Cramer

Will his crazy confession destroy his career?

March 6 2007 6:33 PMThe Market's Crashing! What Should You Do Now?Um, nothing.
Feb. 12 2007 4:47 PMMadder MoneyMe vs. Jim Cramer, Round 2.
Feb. 5 2007 2:29 PMGoogle BoggleOne analyst says it's worth $415 a share. Another says $650. Another $601. Don't listen to any of them.
Jan. 22 2007 4:14 PMStop Picking Stocks—Immediately!Why the world's greatest stock picker stopped picking stocks, and why you should, too.
Feb. 21 2007 7:24 AMHistory Is BunkFund A grew 15 percent a year. Fund B grew 3 percent. Don't be a sucker and buy Fund A.
March 22 2007 10:55 PMThe Complete Bad Advice ColumnRotten stock tips and hazardous investment counsel.
Jan. 29 2007 5:48 PMPay No Attention to That Crazy Man on TVWhy you should never take Jim Cramer seriously.
Jan. 9 2007 4:18 PMDon't Buy the "10 Hot Stocks for 2007"It's entertaining journalism—and atrocious investment advice.