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Even Appalachia Is Walking Away From Coal

Why the Tennessee Valley Authority is about to retire a massive chunk of its coal-burning plants.

Sept. 24 2015 5:55 PMHow Do You Solve Solar Power’s Nighttime Problem?Batteries. Really big batteries.
Sept. 11 2015 1:42 PMTake My Solar Panel, Please!San Antonio just announced a brilliant new business model for renewable energy.
Aug. 28 2015 3:30 PMFuel IntentionsAmerican industry wastes insane amounts of gas by burning it off. It doesn’t have to.
Aug. 14 2015 1:48 PMVroom for Improvement“Start-stop” technology shuts down car engines at stoplights to save gas. It’s coming to America.
July 31 2015 1:04 PMThe Miracle of SolarCityElon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX are impressive. But the solar company he founded with his cousins could be transformational.
July 17 2015 5:41 AMCoal Is Losing the War on CoalAnd its enemies are multiplying.
June 12 2015 6:02 PMThe Real Solyndra ScandalIt’s that no one’s noticed the enormous success of the government program behind it.
May 29 2015 4:30 PMI Helped Pay for Some Solar Panels in New JerseyThen I forgot about them. Here’s how much they’re making for me.
May 18 2015 1:29 PMClean StateHawaii is showing the nation how to significantly cut back on fossil fuels as a power source.
May 1 2015 1:00 AMFreedom, Tesla-StyleThe company’s new home-based battery isn’t just nifty. It’s liberating.
April 13 2015 12:09 PMThe Electric SlideStates used to help people buy electric and hybrid cars. Now they’re punishing them for it.
March 30 2015 4:59 PMBlue-Collar SolarRenewable energy doesn’t have to be a luxury purchase. Here’s how one company makes it a cost-saver for the working class.
March 16 2015 9:09 AMPeak CoalNo, coal energy isn’t going out of style. But the U.S., and maybe even China and India, are deciding they need a lot less of it.
Feb. 20 2015 12:26 PMBig SolarRenewable energy finally makes sense as a utility—and that’s why it’s becoming a threat to coal.
Feb. 3 2015 12:05 PMAuto SaveLow gas prices are bad news for hybrid vehicles. But they won’t harm the rise of all-electric cars.
Sept. 18 2015 3:30 PMThe Night They Drove the Price of Electricity DownWind power was so plentiful in Texas that producers sold it at a negative price. What? 
Sept. 8 2015 5:57 AMCoal Companies Are Hurting. But the Coal Industry Is Not Dying.Climate hawks must realize that bankruptcies aren’t the way to a lower-carbon future.
Aug. 21 2015 3:52 PMWind Energy Is Having a Railroad MomentHow do you get wind power captured in Oklahoma to consumers in Tennessee? By evoking the industrial revolution.
Aug. 7 2015 12:15 PMIsraeli Solar Warms UpThe country has embraced technological innovation—except in renewable energy. Is that finally changing?
July 24 2015 1:11 PMDon’t Laugh at Solar-Powered AirplanesYes, they’re stunt vehicles. But they could transform aviation in more ways than you think.
June 24 2015 11:09 AMGreen PrivilegeThe wealthy don’t need taxpayer-funded perks for buying electric cars. They get them anyway.
June 8 2015 2:07 PMWhat Trucks Can Learn From BicyclesAnd why a Silicon Valley firm thinks that will save them money and gas.
May 22 2015 6:46 PMHow to Green the U.S. GovernmentThe Defense Department and other agencies have found an easy way to cut emissions and save energy. Now they need to do it a lot more.
May 7 2015 5:36 PMThe Fuel-Efficient DriverYou don’t need to reinvent buses to help them save gas. This technology rewires their operators instead.
April 24 2015 3:03 AMStanford 1, Harvard 0Forget fossil-fuel divestment. Harvard could be greener—and save money—by doing what the California university already has.
April 6 2015 4:50 PMGreening Your PortfolioOne way to help homeowners and businesses switch to renewable energy? Buy a piece of their solar panels.
March 23 2015 12:40 PMThe Texas Town That Just Quit Fossil FuelsIt wasn’t altruistic. It’s because coal’s getting too pricey—and water’s become too scarce.
March 5 2015 2:31 PMA Flighty WindThanks to government gridlock, the wind energy industry is grinding to a halt.
Feb. 16 2015 10:06 AMOil Is Cratering. American Oil Production Isn’t.What gives?
Jan. 27 2015 5:01 PMGreen LightInnovations like LED light bulbs aren’t just good for the environment—they’re smart investments.