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The Juice

Flicker Off, Flicker On

LED bulbs were once pricey and easy to ignore. They’re about to become the standard. And it will happen very, very quickly.

Jan. 29 2016 9:04 AMPut a Solar Panel on ItHow did a warehouse company become one of America’s leaders in renewable energy? 
Jan. 8 2016 5:51 AMWhy Cheap Gas Isn’t Bad News for Electric CarsBecause much bigger changes are driving the automobile industry.
Dec. 21 2015 1:27 PMThe Solar Industry’s Christmas MiracleSolar was facing an ugly end to 2015—until Paris, Wall Street, and Congress gave it a December worthy of George Bailey.
Dec. 9 2015 5:09 PMThe Paris Summit’s Massive ObstacleIn the short term, emerging markets like China and India need their emissions.
Nov. 13 2015 8:45 AMHow Solar Installations Could Be the Barn-Raisings of the 21st CenturyOne nonprofit is already making it happen—and helping working-class homeowners along the way.
Oct. 30 2015 3:38 PMMeet America’s First Offshore Wind FarmThere’s no better place than the ocean to generate emissions-free power. Why did it take us so long?
Oct. 12 2015 5:57 AMYes, Gas Is Cheap. You Should Still Buy a Hybrid.Americans have started buying less efficient cars again. Horrible move.
Sept. 24 2015 5:55 PMHow Do You Solve Solar Power’s Nighttime Problem?Batteries. Really big batteries.
Sept. 11 2015 1:42 PMTake My Solar Panel, Please!San Antonio just announced a brilliant new business model for renewable energy.
Aug. 28 2015 3:30 PMFuel IntentionsAmerican industry wastes insane amounts of gas by burning it off. It doesn’t have to.
Aug. 14 2015 1:48 PMVroom for Improvement“Start-stop” technology shuts down car engines at stoplights to save gas. It’s coming to America.
July 31 2015 1:04 PMThe Miracle of SolarCityElon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX are impressive. But the solar company he founded with his cousins could be transformational.
July 17 2015 5:41 AMCoal Is Losing the War on CoalAnd its enemies are multiplying.
June 12 2015 6:02 PMThe Real Solyndra ScandalIt’s that no one’s noticed the enormous success of the government program behind it.
May 29 2015 4:30 PMI Helped Pay for Some Solar Panels in New JerseyThen I forgot about them. Here’s how much they’re making for me.
Jan. 22 2016 10:05 AMWhy Solar Energy Is Fleeing NevadaBecause states have the power to turn a very good deal into a very bad one.
Dec. 29 2015 3:07 PMSorry, Skiers. New England’s Warm Winter Is Great News.Homeowners in the Northeast are saving crazy amounts of money heating their homes.
Dec. 11 2015 12:45 PMOil Is Tanking, and That’s GreatThe financial press says the plummet is a sign of peril. Wrong.
Dec. 1 2015 7:46 PMBill Gates Isn’t a Climate SaviorHe wants to throw billions at the threat of global warming. That’s not the way to beat it.
Nov. 6 2015 1:40 PMObama Didn’t Kill Keystone XLInnovation did.
Oct. 15 2015 5:00 PMIs America Walking Away From Nuclear Power?It’s cheap, reliable, emissions-free—and struggling to keep up.
Oct. 2 2015 4:45 PMEven Appalachia Is Walking Away From CoalWhy the Tennessee Valley Authority is about to retire a massive chunk of its coal-burning plants.
Sept. 18 2015 3:30 PMThe Night They Drove the Price of Electricity DownWind power was so plentiful in Texas that producers sold it at a negative price. What? 
Sept. 8 2015 5:57 AMCoal Companies Are Hurting. But the Coal Industry Is Not Dying.Climate hawks must realize that bankruptcies aren’t the way to a lower-carbon future.
Aug. 21 2015 3:52 PMWind Energy Is Having a Railroad MomentHow do you get wind power captured in Oklahoma to consumers in Tennessee? By evoking the industrial revolution.
Aug. 7 2015 12:15 PMIsraeli Solar Warms UpThe country has embraced technological innovation—except in renewable energy. Is that finally changing?
July 24 2015 1:11 PMDon’t Laugh at Solar-Powered AirplanesYes, they’re stunt vehicles. But they could transform aviation in more ways than you think.
June 24 2015 11:09 AMGreen PrivilegeThe wealthy don’t need taxpayer-funded perks for buying electric cars. They get them anyway.
June 8 2015 2:07 PMWhat Trucks Can Learn From BicyclesAnd why a Silicon Valley firm thinks that will save them money and gas.
May 22 2015 6:46 PMHow to Green the U.S. GovernmentThe Defense Department and other agencies have found an easy way to cut emissions and save energy. Now they need to do it a lot more.