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The Juice

The Half-Life of America’s Nuclear Plants

Nuclear energy is simultaneously making a comeback and fading out slowly.

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Sept. 24 2015 5:55 PMHow Do You Solve Solar Power’s Nighttime Problem?Batteries. Really big batteries.
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Jan. 22 2016 10:05 AMWhy Solar Energy Is Fleeing NevadaBecause states have the power to turn a very good deal into a very bad one.
Dec. 29 2015 3:07 PMSorry, Skiers. New England’s Warm Winter Is Great News.Homeowners in the Northeast are saving crazy amounts of money heating their homes.
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Oct. 15 2015 5:00 PMIs America Walking Away From Nuclear Power?It’s cheap, reliable, emissions-free—and struggling to keep up.
Oct. 2 2015 4:45 PMEven Appalachia Is Walking Away From CoalWhy the Tennessee Valley Authority is about to retire a massive chunk of its coal-burning plants.
Sept. 18 2015 3:30 PMThe Night They Drove the Price of Electricity DownWind power was so plentiful in Texas that producers sold it at a negative price. What? 
Sept. 8 2015 5:57 AMCoal Companies Are Hurting. But the Coal Industry Is Not Dying.Climate hawks must realize that bankruptcies aren’t the way to a lower-carbon future.
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