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The Juice

It Doesn’t Matter How Much Trump, Pruitt, and America Love Gas Guzzlers

Cars are going electric.

June 28 2017 6:26 PMEvery Week Is Energy WeekThe Trump administration is touting its “energy-dominant” policies. But with one exception—you know which—the industry was already doing great.
May 31 2017 5:57 PMTrump Can’t Stop Corporate America From Fighting Climate ChangeSustainability is good for business. Pulling out of the Paris Agreement won’t change that.
April 5 2017 9:45 AMThe Bolt Still Needs a JoltBefore they can become truly mainstream, electric vehicles must overcome a huge infrastructure problem.
March 6 2017 4:36 PMThe Auto Industry Wants to Bring Back the SUV EraAnd the Trump administration is about to help it.
Dec. 11 2016 10:22 PMThe Ambassador of ExxonRex Tillerson has fought for Exxon Mobil’s interests abroad, putting him at odds with America’s. Is that what we want in a secretary of state?
Nov. 22 2016 10:48 AMThe Electric CompanyThe private sector is about to embrace battery-powered buses. That’s a great way to make transportation greener.
Sept. 30 2016 3:19 PMOne Big Barrel of PatheticOPEC just tried to reassert its grip on the global oil market. It failed.
Sept. 12 2016 5:53 AMHow Does America Keep Finding Vast Stores of Energy?By completely overhauling the old rules of the business.
July 29 2016 12:38 PMWhy Renewable Power Can Still Be WastefulBecause we’ve incentivized its production—but not the infrastructure to transport it.
June 22 2016 12:25 PMWhy Tesla Wants to Buy SolarCityBecause Elon Musk is a surprisingly old-school kind of industrialist.
June 3 2016 11:09 AMCould Coal Have Survived by Going Green?While its rivals innovated and iterated, coal stayed stagnant. Now it’s almost too late. 
May 16 2016 10:56 AMThe Half-Life of America’s Nuclear PlantsNuclear energy is simultaneously making a comeback and fading out slowly.
April 22 2016 4:03 PM42 Percent of an Electric Car RevolutionI did the math, and that’s what I’m getting out of my plug-in Prius. Not bad.
April 11 2016 9:54 AMTesla’s Real Innovation Isn’t the Electric CarIt’s the company’s business practices—and they should make a lot of industries very, very nervous.
March 25 2016 12:19 PMThe Fracking LanesHow the American natural gas revolution will create new routes of international exchange.
June 2 2017 12:16 PMAfter ParisTrump doesn’t want the government to do anything to fight climate change—so it’s on you. Here’s your plan.
April 12 2017 7:41 PMWhy Tesla’s Stock Is in Ludicrous ModeIt can thank the promise of its business—but also the weaknesses of GM and Ford.
March 28 2017 3:38 PMA Cruel, False Promise on CoalTrump thinks gutting Obama’s Clean Power Plan will bring back mining jobs. But regulations aren’t the source of coal’s decline.
Jan. 3 2017 3:00 PMFord Isn’t Adding American Jobs Because of Donald TrumpThe company is doing what’s made sense for years—and what the Bush and Obama administrations made possible.
Dec. 5 2016 11:58 AMThe Companies Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline Don’t Think They’ve LostThey’re pretty sure corporations will always get their way under President Trump.
Oct. 6 2016 5:23 PMDonald Trump Can’t Save the Coal IndustryHis campaign gets everything wrong about its woes. Especially who to blame.
Sept. 15 2016 5:29 PMThe Chevrolet Bolt Is a Quiet RevolutionIt makes electric vehicles plausible in a way no other car has.
Sept. 1 2016 2:38 PMThe Most Impressive State for Clean EnergyIt’s Iowa. Really!
July 22 2016 12:13 PMThe Folly of Elon Musk’s New Master PlanThe Tesla founder wants to be Steve Jobs. He needs to be Henry Ford.
June 10 2016 12:01 PMAmerica’s Gas Stations Are Running Out of TimeThey’ll soon be as quaint as a bookstore or soda fountain.
May 27 2016 9:06 AMWind Energy’s Rustic Years Are OverIt used to be alternative. Now it’s corporate, middle-American, and truly ascendant.
May 6 2016 9:10 AMHow the Elon Musk Economy WorksHis companies are interdependent in ways the U.S. rarely witnesses. Is that dangerous or brilliant?
April 14 2016 1:52 PMCoal Is Officially a Zombie IndustryYet another major mining company filed for bankruptcy. How long can coal keep lurching?
April 1 2016 9:00 AMThe Auto Industry Gets ItThanks to cheap gas, Americans are losing interest in efficient, innovative vehicles. Carmakers know better.
March 18 2016 3:08 PMThe Most Important Light Bulb Deal in the WorldGE just sold 1.4 million LEDs to JPMorgan. That’s because efficient technology is finally becoming an affordable no-brainer.