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$7 Trillion to Fight Climate Change?

The EU proposes spending that much on projects that will barely reduce temperatures or lower sea levels.

Nov. 24 2013 7:00 AMThe Trouble With Big SugarSugar refineries trample the rights of the poor. A few organizations are trying to change things.
Oct. 6 2013 7:15 AMIs the Shutdown the Founding Fathers’ Fault?After all, they gave us the separation of powers between Congress and the president.
Sept. 15 2013 7:00 AMThe World Wide Web Should Actually Be WorldwideAnd Mark Zuckerberg has a plan.
Aug. 18 2013 7:45 AMWe Need a War on CoalIt’s wrong for affluent Westerners to inflict the damages of climate change on the world’s poor.
July 14 2013 7:00 AMThe Gas Is GreenerBritain’s shale gas can provide energy security and jobs, and it’s cheaper than offshore wind.
June 27 2013 11:24 AMCan Britain’s Banks Thrive Under Regulation?Parliament is cracking down after the Libor scandal. It’s betting that the banks will do just fine.
June 9 2013 6:45 AMThe Shine Is OffParanoid investors pushed gold to $1,900 an ounce in 2011, but the bubble has burst.
May 12 2013 7:00 AMIntellectual Property Rights Gone WildThe case of Myriad Genetics shows the consequences of letting profit trump all other values
May 5 2013 7:15 AMIs the Fed Blowing Bubbles?If we exit QE3 too quickly, the economy will crash. Too slowly, and we’ll see a finance bubble.
April 14 2013 7:00 AMSomeday, Electric Cars Will Be GreatRight now, they are expensive, inconvenient, and not very good for the environment.
March 31 2013 8:00 AMThink of the ChildrenImposing austerity on our youngest citizens is unfair. It’s also bad economics.
March 17 2013 7:30 AMEarth Hour Is a Colossal Waste of Time—and EnergyPlus, it ignores how electricity has been a boon for humanity.
March 3 2013 7:45 AMAll of Your Quantitative Easing Questions, AnsweredWhen is it ineffective? When is it justified? And what about unintended consequences?
Feb. 17 2013 7:30 AMThe Deadly Opposition to Genetically Modified FoodVitamin A deficiency has killed 8 million kids in the last 12 years. Help is finally on the way.
Feb. 3 2013 7:30 AMGoing for the GoldGermany is bringing home the gold it has sitting abroad. What is it afraid of?
Oct. 20 2013 7:30 AMOf Course the World Is Better Now Than It Was in 1900Even with war and pollution and population increases.
Sept. 26 2013 11:06 AMGlobal Warming: We’re Doing It WrongClimate change is real, but alarmism is leading to expensive and inefficient non-solutions.
Aug. 25 2013 6:30 AMGreen Energy Needs to be CheaperSo let’s invest in R&D instead of subsidies.
July 28 2013 7:00 AMWhat if the Emerging Markets Aren’t?Growth has slowed in the BRICS, Turkey, and other countries. What does that mean?
June 30 2013 7:00 AMA New Period of Uncertainty and Volatility Has BegunWait, the previous one ended?
June 26 2013 6:30 AMThe Limits of PanicObsessing over doom-and-gloom scenarios distracts us from real global threats.
June 2 2013 2:30 AMThe High Cost of UnemploymentIt hurts the morale of a nation’s citizens, and austerity is no solution
May 9 2013 5:21 PMGDP Is a Terrible Way to Measure a Country’s EconomyAnd it hinders our ability to help the poor.
April 28 2013 7:15 AMBanks Have Become “Too Big To Fail” Again. Uh-Oh.And there’s only so much governments are willing to do about it.
April 7 2013 7:30 AMA Rose Among ThornsThe U.S. economy has its problems, but it’s still better than everywhere else.
March 24 2013 7:30 AMThe Right Way to Do StimulusRaising taxes would lead to more spending and more demand. Really.
March 10 2013 7:30 AMAusterity: Still Not WorkingEurope needs fiscal federalism and a banking union to promote growth and recovery.
Feb. 24 2013 7:00 AMIs it Crazy To Charge People To Send You Email?Maybe. But it sure would cut down on clutter.
Feb. 10 2013 7:45 AMG-20? How About G-0?We live in a leaderless, multipolar world. Can we adapt?
Jan. 27 2013 7:30 AMPreparing for a Perfect StormStagnation in the developed world, uncertainty in China, and political instability in the Middle East could make for a rough 2013.