If Obama is Google and McCain is GM, what's Hillary?

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April 21 2007 6:35 AM

Obama Is Google. McCain Is GM.

Presidential candidates as stocks.

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Mitt Romney: Citigroup. These blue-chip financial institutions try to intimidate rivals with massive balance sheets but are having difficulty finding traction in the marketplace. Both are uncomfortable with their recent history: regulatory problems and research scandals for Citigroup, a history of moderate Republicanism in Massachusetts for Romney. Transparently lame re-branding efforts: Citigroup has become Citi; Romney has become a gun nut and an abortion foe. Despite employing brilliant financial/economic minds (Robert Rubin at Citigroup, Greg Mankiw and Glenn Hubbard for Romney), these two stocks are treading water. Stock rating: Hold.

Quick Pick: Tommy Thompson: Zions Bancorp. Both emphasize connection between Jews and sound money management. Zions does so with its name, Thompson does so with appalling borderline anti-Semitic remarks.

A version of this article also appears in the Outlook section of the Sunday Washington Post.

Daniel Gross is an editor and columnist at the Daily Beast.