March 18 2015 12:00 PMShould You Cut the Cord?Use Slate’s calculator to see if dropping cable TV and paying for streaming services will really save you money.
March 6 2015 6:46 PMNaming WrongsDavid Geffen paid $100 million to get his name on a concert hall at Lincoln Center. Yes, that’s kind of gross. 
Feb. 24 2015 11:35 AMYou’re Doing Allowance WrongDon’t start it too late, don’t link it to chores, and don’t skimp. Here’s how to do it right.
Feb. 11 2015 5:13 PMAre the Greeks Sound Negotiators?The country owes 300 billion euros, and its leader is talking about Nazi war crimes. That might not be the worst tactic.
Feb. 6 2015 5:47 PMThe Two EuropesGreece failed to sell eurozone leaders on debt relief this week. That’s because culturally they’re living on different continents.
Jan. 29 2015 2:59 PMStop Trying to Make Financial Literacy HappenIt’s a noble distraction from actual consumer protection. That’s why the financial services industry loves it.
Jan. 27 2015 3:47 PMDon’t Tax College Savings YetPresident Obama is right that 529 accounts benefit the wealthy. But they could become an important tool for the middle class.
Jan. 16 2015 4:54 PMThe DIY Safety NetWe feel good when we crowdfund people’s medical bills. We should feel worse that we even need to.
Jan. 7 2015 7:48 PMThose Protesting Harvard Professors Have a PointWe’re all still paying too much for our health care.
Dec. 30 2014 10:30 PMThe Year in UberThe world’s brashest startup spent 2014 expanding aggressively and infuriating just about everyone.
Dec. 24 2014 1:33 PMFrequent CriersAmericans love to complain about cramped flights and extra fees. So why do they keep choosing them?
Dec. 17 2014 6:17 PMThe Year’s Best AdvertisementsBudweiser puppies, Woo Woo, the return of Salt-N-Pepa, and more of 2014’s best commercials.
Dec. 5 2014 4:26 PMA Promise to Slate Listeners Cost Me Nearly $20,000And I couldn’t be happier about it.
Nov. 27 2014 11:22 AMThe Startup FactoryLooking at Silicon Valley’s new model of entrepreneurship.
Nov. 23 2014 11:09 PMWhat’s Really Wrong With Uber?Maybe the company’s not evil, just inept. 
March 17 2015 4:30 PMHow to Stop the Stadium WarsCities and suburbs compete for the privilege of wasting millions on new sports complexes. Obama has an idea to end the madness.
March 2 2015 6:11 PMThe Semi-Retirement MythDon’t buy the tales of meaningful work into your 70s. Your retirement is inevitable—and bleaker than the last generation’s.
Feb. 13 2015 7:00 PMWhy Airbnb Desperately Wants to Pay Hotel TaxesAnd why some cities won’t let it.
Feb. 11 2015 4:45 PMJon Stewart’s Book ClubThe Daily Show wasn’t just important for our collective sanity. For nonfiction authors, it was a lifeline.
Feb. 4 2015 5:38 PMRobin Williams’ Family Is Like YoursEvery kind of family goes through bitter estate disputes. And good planning doesn’t always help.
Jan. 29 2015 11:44 AMThe Best Affordable Housing Plan in the U.S. Isn’t Good EnoughNew York City’s ambitious efforts will still leave residents scraping by. American cities need a national housing fix.
Jan. 22 2015 2:20 PMSpoiler AlertChildren’s birthday parties are getting more and more extravagant. Here’s how we let it happen.
Jan. 13 2015 4:40 PMKludge NotObama’s plan for free community college is elegant and forward-thinking—unlike virtually all U.S. policy fixes.
Jan. 5 2015 4:11 PMRank and VileThe Economist whiffed on its list of influential economists. Here’s how the magazine should have done it.
Dec. 29 2014 2:26 PMThomas Piketty Won 2014Not everyone buys the French economist’s ideas about wealth. But they’re debating the issues on his terms now.
Dec. 19 2014 5:07 PMDon’t Sweat the Dodd-Frank RollbackCongress just gave Wall Street a win. It also opened the door for smarter, better financial reform.
Dec. 10 2014 12:15 PMCents and SensibilityTrust Thomas Piketty on economic inequality. Ignore what he says about literature.
Dec. 5 2014 12:05 PMDon’t Fear an Oil BustYes, it’ll hurt the U.S. energy industry. It could also make it better.
Nov. 26 2014 6:56 AMWaste Not, Want NotThis startup could turn your Thanksgiving leftovers into fertilizer.
Nov. 21 2014 2:19 PMBig Bucks or Bogus Betting Baloney?NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says there’s $400 billion per year of illegal sports betting in the U.S. alone. Seriously?