Dispatches From the Welfare State

“But You Speak French So Well!”

Why are Parisians so surprised that an American would want to live in France?

Feb. 6 2014 2:46 PMWhere Student Loan Debt Is an Alien ConceptNavigating France’s higher-ed system requires lots of planning and test-taking, but not a whole lot of money.
Jan. 29 2014 11:52 PMBoo to the BoulangerieThe Parisian shopping experience is fun for tourists. But if you live here, it’s a nightmare.
Feb. 3 2014 11:52 PMThe Autonomous 3-Year-OldUniversal pre-K is a long tradition in France, and one that American parents might envy.
Jan. 27 2014 11:52 PM$200 Minus $200Having a baby in Paris gave me a crash course in socialized medicine—and a new, very French definition of “costly.”