Comcast's bafflingly quirky new ad campaign.

Advertising deconstructed.
March 16 2009 6:51 AM

Would You Like Your Cable Company More if It Were Quirky and Hip?

Comcast is hoping so.

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Even if you haven't yet been through the Comcast grinder and are coming to the brand with fresh eyes, I don't see how this ad would sway you to pick Comcast over another company. We choose our bundled cable packages based on price, range of products and features, quality of customer service, and availability in our area. Not because of a cute song and a lame interactive Web environment.

Grade: C+. I'm awarding some points for artistic merit. The excellent animation in the ads is by Alan Smith and Adam Foulkes, who received an Academy Award nomination this year for their funny short about a pair of undertakers. They ended up losing the Oscar to a more poignant animated short about an old man retracing the journey of his life. (The old man at no point reminisces about his cable provider.)