The mesmerizing ad for HeadOn.

The mesmerizing ad for HeadOn.

The mesmerizing ad for HeadOn.

Advertising deconstructed.
July 24 2006 12:00 PM

Head Case

The mesmerizing ad for headache gel.

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Ubiquity: Charron says they've spent "tens of millions of dollars" on this HeadOn campaign. "If you watch any TV at all," he says, "chances are you've seen the ad in the last three weeks." It's airing on networks, on cable, and in syndication. During the day, prime time, and late night. It won't stop airing until mid-August, so you'd better get used to it.

If repetition within the ad is effective, why not extend this insight to repetition of the ad? Just keep airing it so often that it can't be escaped and can't be ignored. The ad is already generating tons of talk on the Web and has inspired a parody involving rapper Lil Jon. It's everywhere.


Grade: A+. And I haven't even touched on yet another powerful theory: These ads give viewers headaches, thus spurring demand.