Wes Anderson's AmEx ad.
Wes Anderson's AmEx ad.
Advertising deconstructed.
May 15 2006 12:51 PM

My Life. My Ad.

Wes Anderson's brilliant new AmEx spot.

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I also like (though not as much) the M. Night Shyamalan AmEx spot, in which the man behind The Sixth Sense and The Village nurses his coffee in a cafe and lets us see, through his eyes, the creepy world of his imagination. As with Anderson's, this spot maximizes the director's strengths (atmospheric foreboding) and minimizes his weaknesses (forehead-slapping plot twists). The two spots are part of what AmEx calls its "Directors' Series," and they've got me wondering who'll come next (an AmEx spokesperson wouldn't say). My money is on Scorsese, since they've worked with him before. But wouldn't it be great to hear John Waters say, "My life is about excrement-eating transvestites. My card is American Express"?

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