Ad Report Card
Ad Report Card

The Most and Least Awful Commercials of This Year’s Super Bowl

The ads were nearly as deadening as the game. At least they weren’t made with corn syrup!

Feb. 5 2018 2:08 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsFrom the odious commercial for Ram trucks to the truly bizarre one for Diet Coke Twisted Mango. Dilly dilly? Dilly dilly.
Feb. 8 2016 12:12 AMThe Best Super Bowl AdsAnd the worst ones, 2016 edition.
Aug. 4 2015 6:24 PMHillary Wants to Tell You About Her MomClinton appeals to women in her first campaign spots.
Oct. 3 2014 10:03 AMAnd the Greatest Ad of the Year Was …A dispatch from the Clios.
Sept. 21 2013 9:09 PMDesigned by Doofuses in CaliforniaApple’s new ads make the company look lame.
Feb. 4 2013 6:58 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsGo Daddy is sexist, Amy Poehler is charming, and BlackBerry reminds us all why we don’t have BlackBerries.
Feb. 6 2012 2:33 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsThe Coke bears weren't cute enough, and Budweiser went Ken Burns.
June 28 2010 12:14 PMAds We HateSlate readers on the most stupid, annoying, and wrongheaded commercials on television.
May 27 2010 3:45 PMThese Are the Year's Best Ads?A dispatch from the Clio Awards.
May 3 2010 11:58 AMNice Cans!Miller Lite's bizarre new campaign is all about beverage containers.
Feb. 8 2010 7:31 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsGoogle wins. Talking babies lose.
Jan. 11 2010 5:45 PM"Like Cardboard"The weird new Domino's ads that bash the company's pizza.
Dec. 7 2009 1:31 PMIndie Sweethearts Pitching ProductsNew ads from Zooey Deschanel, Ellen Page, and Luke Wilson.
Nov. 16 2009 2:11 PMSide Effects May Include …Yes, they give out awards for pharmaceutical ads.
Oct. 26 2009 1:56 PMWalt Whitman Thinks You Need New JeansA stirring new ad campaign from Levi's.
Feb. 6 2017 2:05 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsA report card for 2017’s big game.
Feb. 4 2016 5:39 AMThe Worst Super Bowl Ad of All TimeIt was made by the same company that did the best one.
Feb. 2 2015 1:35 AMThe Super Bowl Ad Report CardThe best and worst commercials of 2015.
Feb. 3 2014 7:08 AMThe Super Bowl Ad Report CardThe best and worst spots of 2014.
Aug. 26 2013 6:00 AMDesigned by Doofuses in CaliforniaApple’s new ads make the company look lame.
Feb. 3 2013 9:00 AMSee the Super Bowl Ads—Before the Super BowlSpots from Mercedes, Speed Stick, Toyota, and other brands that released their commercials online before the game.
Feb. 7 2011 7:58 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsDarth Vader and Eminem win. Kim Kardashian loses.
June 7 2010 7:22 AMThe Greatest Ad I've Ever SeenNike's epic, witty, wonderful new World Cup ad.
May 10 2010 9:44 AMWorld of AdcraftThe government video game that teaches kids about the perils of advertising.
March 29 2010 2:08 PMPsychedelic Cat FoodWhy is the new Friskies ad so trippy?
Feb. 1 2010 7:16 AMSoft SellWhy quiet, understated TV ads are so effective.
Dec. 28 2009 9:55 AMAds We HateSlate readers sound off on the year's worst commercials.
Nov. 30 2009 12:20 PMWho Drinks Ketel One in a Recession?The smartest way for ads to allude to the economy.
Nov. 9 2009 3:11 PMCan Cougars Sell Cough Drops?A mom and her son's roommate share a naughty moment in a spot for Halls Refresh.
Oct. 12 2009 1:08 PMEnter the Big CheeseIs it smart to put your CEO in your ad campaign?