Ad Report Card
Ad Report Card

The Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads

A report card for 2017’s big game.

Feb. 8 2016 12:12 AMThe Best Super Bowl AdsAnd the worst ones, 2016 edition.
Aug. 4 2015 6:24 PMHillary Wants to Tell You About Her MomClinton appeals to women in her first campaign spots.
Oct. 3 2014 10:03 AMAnd the Greatest Ad of the Year Was …A dispatch from the Clios.
Sept. 21 2013 9:09 PMDesigned by Doofuses in CaliforniaApple’s new ads make the company look lame.
Feb. 4 2013 6:58 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsGo Daddy is sexist, Amy Poehler is charming, and BlackBerry reminds us all why we don’t have BlackBerries.
Feb. 6 2012 2:33 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsThe Coke bears weren't cute enough, and Budweiser went Ken Burns.
June 28 2010 12:14 PMAds We HateSlate readers on the most stupid, annoying, and wrongheaded commercials on television.
May 27 2010 3:45 PMThese Are the Year's Best Ads?A dispatch from the Clio Awards.
May 3 2010 11:58 AMNice Cans!Miller Lite's bizarre new campaign is all about beverage containers.
Feb. 8 2010 7:31 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsGoogle wins. Talking babies lose.
Jan. 11 2010 5:45 PM"Like Cardboard"The weird new Domino's ads that bash the company's pizza.
Dec. 7 2009 1:31 PMIndie Sweethearts Pitching ProductsNew ads from Zooey Deschanel, Ellen Page, and Luke Wilson.
Nov. 16 2009 2:11 PMSide Effects May Include …Yes, they give out awards for pharmaceutical ads.
Oct. 26 2009 1:56 PMWalt Whitman Thinks You Need New JeansA stirring new ad campaign from Levi's.
Sept. 21 2009 10:02 AMThat Mayonnaise Has Attitude!Miracle Whip's hipster ad campaign is risible—and oddly effective.
Feb. 4 2016 5:39 AMThe Worst Super Bowl Ad of All TimeIt was made by the same company that did the best one.
Feb. 2 2015 1:35 AMThe Super Bowl Ad Report CardThe best and worst commercials of 2015.
Feb. 3 2014 7:08 AMThe Super Bowl Ad Report CardThe best and worst spots of 2014.
Aug. 26 2013 6:00 AMDesigned by Doofuses in CaliforniaApple’s new ads make the company look lame.
Feb. 3 2013 9:00 AMSee the Super Bowl Ads—Before the Super BowlSpots from Mercedes, Speed Stick, Toyota, and other brands that released their commercials online before the game.
Feb. 7 2011 7:58 AMThe Best and Worst Super Bowl AdsDarth Vader and Eminem win. Kim Kardashian loses.
June 7 2010 7:22 AMThe Greatest Ad I've Ever SeenNike's epic, witty, wonderful new World Cup ad.
May 10 2010 9:44 AMWorld of AdcraftThe government video game that teaches kids about the perils of advertising.
March 29 2010 2:08 PMPsychedelic Cat FoodWhy is the new Friskies ad so trippy?
Feb. 1 2010 7:16 AMSoft SellWhy quiet, understated TV ads are so effective.
Dec. 28 2009 9:55 AMAds We HateSlate readers sound off on the year's worst commercials.
Nov. 30 2009 12:20 PMWho Drinks Ketel One in a Recession?The smartest way for ads to allude to the economy.
Nov. 9 2009 3:11 PMCan Cougars Sell Cough Drops?A mom and her son's roommate share a naughty moment in a spot for Halls Refresh.
Oct. 12 2009 1:08 PMEnter the Big CheeseIs it smart to put your CEO in your ad campaign?
Aug. 10 2009 12:07 PMIs Television Over?An intriguing new book about the ad recession's next victim.