Ad Report Card
Ad Report Card
Aug. 10 2009 12:07 PMIs Television Over?An intriguing new book about the ad recession's next victim.
July 6 2009 1:16 PMAre You There God? It's Me, Madison Avenue.How to make an ad for a church.
June 8 2009 6:58 AMIs There a Gay Couple in That Insurance Ad?A progressive new campaign from Progressive.
May 15 2009 1:33 PMAbe Lincoln Does the NastyAnd other great ads honored at the Clio advertising awards.
April 14 2009 1:50 PMWalkie-Talkie PopulismThe Nextel ads that show what life would be like if steelworkers ran the DMV.
March 16 2009 6:51 AMWould You Like Your Cable Company More if It Were Quirky and Hip?Comcast is hoping so.
Feb. 23 2009 7:05 AMBrother, Can You Spare Some Whiskey?Crown Royal's new ads are perfectly suited for the recession.
Feb. 2 2009 4:45 AMThe Super Bowl SpecialWere the ads any good?
Oct. 27 2008 6:16 AMHSBC's Bizarre Lumberjack AdWhat does a violent environmental protest have to do with banking?
Sept. 16 2008 3:07 PMIn a World Where You Can Smoke Weed in a Movie Trailer ...The rise of the R-rated preview.
Aug. 11 2008 6:50 AMAds We HateThe most annoying commercials in the universe.
July 14 2008 1:06 PMEveryone Will Be Lonely Eight Months From NowThe weird science of stock photography.
May 19 2008 11:29 AMThe Clio AwardsShameless Canadian hucksters, brilliant Thai ads, and a dirty fish tank.
April 21 2008 7:21 AMJingle HellThe diabolical geniuses behind Subway's "five-dollar foot-long" song.
March 31 2008 11:23 AMJorge Posada Is Having Laura's Baby!A new ESPN campaign spoofs soap operas. Is that a good thing?
July 13 2009 6:55 AMHow New Is "New"? How Improved Is "Improved"?The people who keep advertisers honest.
June 22 2009 11:16 AMwill.i.shillThe Black Eyed Peas have a splashy new ad for Target. Is "selling out" a thing of the past?
May 25 2009 6:46 AMThe Most Interesting Man in the WorldThe star of Dos Equis' new ad campaign is too cool to shill beer.
April 20 2009 1:43 PMWho Hired This Kid To Pitch Windows?Microsoft's recent string of extraordinarily bad ads.
April 6 2009 11:24 AMCredit CrunchThe hottest fight in advertising is about credit-report Web sites.
March 9 2009 3:19 PMThe Secretary Under the DeskIs 6 Hour Power running the most sexually explicit ad ever?
Feb. 16 2009 9:35 AMWhat's Up, G?The mystifying, abysmal new ads for Gatorade.
Nov. 21 2008 5:20 PMI Hate You, Blue-Tux-Wearing Viagra Guy!Web video ads are annoying and repetitive. Here's how to fix them.
Sept. 29 2008 6:50 AMThe Pill KillerCan a new ad make a contraceptive vaginal insert seem cool?
Aug. 21 2008 4:11 PMThe Advertising OlympicsThe best and worst commercials from the Summer Games.
July 28 2008 6:56 AMBuy This Car Because It's UglyScion's peculiar new ad campaign.
June 16 2008 5:13 PMLess FillingBeer ads just aren't doing it for me anymore.
May 13 2008 12:01 PMSalesjerkMeet the next great TV pitchman.
April 14 2008 7:28 AMYou Can Stand Under My UmbrellaTravelers snatches its logo back from Citi.
March 17 2008 7:11 AMChester's Got a Brand-New BagWhen did the Cheetos cheetah become so delightfully creepy?