Digital Manners: A Co-Worker Is Using MY Job Description on LinkedIn

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Jan. 10 2012 12:44 PM

Résumé Robbed (Transcript)

What to do when a colleague steals your job title and description for her LinkIn profile.

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But I bet that it doesn’t help you over the long run, because other people notice. I can’t see how it can go on for long and how much good can come of an obvious lie.

Emily:  In general, Farhad, I would agree it doesn’t help to be a lying nut, but when you hear people’s complaints about what goes on in their workplace, maybe it does.

I guess our bottom line is when you see something as egregious as this, particularly if the person is usurping your own title, go ahead and just have a direct conversation. Don’t make it accusatory. Just say, “There’s a mistake there. You probably want to fix it.” Then take it up the line if it’s not fixed.


Farhad:  I think it should be on the subway. If you see something, say something.

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