Slate’s mistakes for the week of April 17.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 17

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 17

Slate's mistakes.
April 21 2017 4:04 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In an April 24 Slatest, Mark Joseph Stern misstated when Rev. William Barber II was removed from his American Airlines flight. It was in 2016, not 2017.

In an April 21 Browbeat, David Canfield misstated the year the initial revival of The X-Files aired. It was 2016.


In the April 21 Slate Quiz, Ray Hamel misstated the location of the giraffe. It is in New York state, not New York City.

In an April 21 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated that Donald Trump had signed a set of executive orders in the Oval Office. They were signed at the Treasury Department.

In an April 20 Outward, Ross Benes mischaracterized the Catholic Church’s policy around permanent deacons and marriage. A married man can become a deacon, but he may not marry after becoming one without special permission.

In an April 19 Moneybox blog post, Jordan Weissmann misstated that Whittier College sold the land its law school was built on for $13 million. According to a suit filed by the law school’s faculty, the land was sold for a profit of $13 million.


Due to an editing error, an April 19 Politics misstated that Bill O’Reilly grew up in Levittown, New York. He grew up in Westbury, New York.

In an April 19 Science, Tim Requarth misstated Gretchen Goldman’s title. She is research director at the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy.

In an April 18 Browbeat, David Canfield misstated when Michael Grandage was announced as the Frozen musical director. It was Sept. 2016, not April 2017.

Due to an editing error in an April 18 Moneybox post, Neiman Marcus was originally misspelled in the headline.

In a April 7 XX Factor, Christina Cauterucci misstated the directional relationship between Virginia and Missouri. The latter is west of the former, not south.

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