Slate’s mistakes for the week of March 13.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of March 13

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of March 13

Slate's mistakes.
March 17 2017 4:01 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

Due to an editing error, a March 17 Brow Beat misstated that Dave Chappelle had a banana peel thrown at him on stage in Austin, Texas, in April of 2015. The incident took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in March of 2015.

In a March 17 Medical Examiner, Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky misstated that Terry Elton continued to win National Institutes of Health grants after being sanctioned by the Office of Research Integrity. He was sanctioned but did not continue to receive NIH grants thereafter.


Due to an editing error, the March 17 Represent misstated the name of the network that airs Underground. It is WGN America, not WGN.

In a March 16 Trials and Error, Nina Morrison and Matthew Segal misstated that faulty drug tests in Harris County, Texas, were done in the local laboratory. They were done in the field by local law enforcement.

In a March 15 Business Insider, Rob Price misspelled the name of the island Ambrym.

In the March 15 Future Tense blog post, Kirsten Berg misstated the location of an upcoming Future Tense event about the new book What Algorithms Want. It will be held in Washington, not New York.


In a March 14 Politics, Chris Berube misstated that Conservative Party attack ads against Canadian politician Michael Ignatieff featured the tagline “He’s just not here for you.” The attack ad admonished: “He didn’t come back for you.”

In a March 13 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misspelled Seth Meyers’ last name.

In a March 13 Moneybox blog post, Jordan Weissmann misstated that the Congressional Budget Office believes the Republican health care plan would shrink the 10-year deficit by $337. The estimate is $337 billion.

In a March 13 Sports Nut, Ken Pomeroy misstated that Marquette’s men’s basketball team played eight games against teams outside the top 100 in RPI, with just one of those games on the road. Marquette played 12 such games, with three of them on the road.

In a March 12 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misspelled Elena Anaya’s last name.

In a March 7 Brow Beat, Aisha Harris referenced an allegation that Taylor Swift lied about a conversation with Kanye West. Because accounts of that conversation are disputed, the article was revised.

In a Feb. 16 Television, Willa Paskin misidentified the name of Jane’s son on Big Little Lies. It is Ziggy.

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