Slate’s mistakes for the week of Aug. 22.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 22

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 22

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 26 2016 4:10 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In an Aug. 29 Brow Beat, Heather Schwedel misspelled Lisa Marie Presley’s last name.

In an Aug. 28 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misspelled Ray J.


In an Aug. 27 Slatest, Daniel Politi misstated that the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl at the end of the 2012 season. The Baltimore Ravens won that game 34–31.

In an Aug. 26 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misstated that four arcminutes is one-fifteenth the width of the full Moon. It's one-seventh.

In an Aug. 26 Moneybox blog post, Jordan Weissmann misspelled researcher Robert Moffitt’s last name.

In an Aug. 26 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misidentified the show Everybody Loves Raymond as Everybody That Loves Raymond.


In an Aug. 26 XX Factor, Heather Schwedel misspelled Wayne Gretzky’s last name. She also misstated that one could go on a Canada-side Maid of the Mist tour. The Maid of the Mist no longer operates from the Canadian side of the falls.

Due to a production error, an Aug. 25 The Gist misstated that a man accidentally walked to the Arctic Circle due to a GPS malfunction. He drove.

In an Aug. 25 Interrogation, Isaac Chotiner misquoted J.D. Vance as referring to a “recognized sociology.” He said a “weaponized sociology.”

In an Aug. 24 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misstated that the planet Proxima b orbits its star at 1–2 meters per second. That’s the velocity of the star, not the planet.


In an Aug. 24 Brow Beat, Sam Adams misstated that 2001: A Space Odyssey didn’t place in Sight & Sound’s 2012 critics’ poll of the best films of all time. The movie placed at No. 6.

In a Aug. 24 Future Tense blog post, Jacob Brogan misspelled Josephine Wolff’s last name.

In an Aug. 24 Medical Examiner, Shannon Palus misstated that Frank Miller works at the National Institutes of Health. He has retired.

In an Aug. 24 Politics, Jamelle Bouie misstated that FiveThirtyEight’s 85 percent likelihood Hillary Clinton would win was from its nowcast. It was from its polls-only forecast.


In an Aug. 24 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated the location of earthquakes in Central Italy in relation to Rome. The region is about 100 miles northeast of the capital, not northwest.

In an Aug. 24 XX Factor, Rebecca Schuman misidentified the left ring finger as the second-to-penultimate left digit. It is the penultimate left digit.

In an Aug. 23 Lexicon Valley, John Kelly misspelled Rubik’s cube.

In an Aug. 23 Politics, Jamelle Bouie misstated when the famous Detroit riots happened. They were in 1967, not 1968.


In an Aug. 22 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misstated that the Canadian Archipelago was not part of Canada.

In an Aug. 21 Slatest, Daniel Politi misspelled Corey Lewandowski’s last name.

In a Aug. 19 Slatest, Jeremy Stahl misidentified James Grigson as a psychologist. He was a forensic psychiatrist.

In an Aug. 18 Brow Beat, David Canfield misstated the year in which NBC aired a racially controversial Olympics commercial. It was in 2012, not 2016.

In a July 7 Moneybox blog post, Henry Grabar misspelled architectural critic Reyner Banham’s first name.

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