Alumni Notes From Selective State University

Alumni Notes From Selective State University

Alumni Notes From Selective State University

May 17 2000 11:30 PM

Alumni Notes From Selective State University

You knew them when. 

Trip Sellers, Film, '94, owns the pet services firm IPD (Important People's Dogs) Ltd., with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.


Walter B. Caldicott, English, '90, is writing "erotica to order" under the nom de plume W. B. Caldicott.

J. B. Webster, Engineering, '76, has just turned 45. "I am not as fat as I thought I would be," he writes, "but I have less hair."

Robert Mathers, Management, '73, recently appeared on a nationally televised baseball game. Mr. Mathers, resplendent in a "Go Green" warm-up jacket, was wresting a foul ball from a child. "I offered to help with the hospital bills, but the family told me to get lost," he reports.

The performance artist formerly known as Birdsong, Peace and Conflict Studies, '71, is an inmate at Allenwood Federal Penitentiary. Her latest work, Bomb All Federal Facilities: A Love Poem and Performance Piece for Emma Goldman, has been accepted for review by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Bruce Levine, Mathematics, '81, still has that brown plaid couch that everybody hated.


Tiffany Lambrusco, Drama, '89, recently broke a New Jersey record when she was named as a corespondent in divorce proceedings for the 17th time. The suit was filed by her old friend Karen Albertson Gelman, Drama, '88.

Walter Francis Gelman, Kinesiology, '86, writes, "The marriage had gone south way before I met Tiff."

Barton O.Daniels, Management, '72, writes, "I have recently discovered that I am no longer respected by my peers. Then again, I'm not sure I ever was."

Kevin Clark, Political Science, '59, is Deep Throat.