Slate's Complete Flytrap Coverage

Slate's Complete Flytrap Coverage

Slate's Complete Flytrap Coverage

Aug. 21 1998 3:30 AM

Slate's Complete Flytrap Coverage

Direct links to all Slate stories on the scandal.

" Starr Lite": Software summarizes the Starr report. Slate also serves up the whole thing.

" Dialogue: Politicians and Privacy"--Michael Kinsley and Thomas Nagel.

" Dialogue: Ending the Clinton Crisis"--James Hamilton and William Kristol.

" International Papers": Alexander Chancellor rounds up reactions from around the globe.

"Strange Bedfellow":
"The Case for Community Service for Clinton";
" The Flytrap Blame Game";
" Flytrap's Trashy Books."

"Frame Game": William Saletan analyzes the spin from both sides.

"Flytrap Today": Daily " Dispatches" by Slate's political correspondent, David Plotz; plus " The Flytrap Endgame," by Jodie T. Allen.

"Impeachment Panic": William Saletan explains why reports of Clinton's political death are greatly exaggerated.

"Hey, Wait a Minute": Bill and Monica did the right thing, says Seth Stevenson.

"Backstory": David Greenberg tells us why the history of impeachment favors Clinton.

"Executive Summary": Art Levine's exclusive scoop of the Starr Report.

"The Sex God": Flytrap as observed from Mount Olympus, by Emily Yoffe.

" Will Starr's Findings Remain Secret?": "Explainer" ponders the law.

"Pundit Central": The commentariat on impeachment, the Clinton tapes, the Starr report, the Aug. 17 apology, and Clinton's credibility.

" Chatterbox": Flytrap scuttlebutt, by Walter Shapiro and Timothy Noah.

"Keeping Tabs":
"More Monica, Less Cher";
"The 'Star' on the Starr Report";
"Executive Privileges."

" The Fray": Debate the dirt with other Slate readers.

Also check " Today's Papers" and " The Week/The Spin" for Flytrap developments and other news (if any).