Krugman's Life of Brian

Krugman's Life of Brian

Krugman's Life of Brian

Jan. 31 1998 3:30 AM

Krugman's Life of Brian

Paul Krugman responds to the critics of his piece on "increasing returns."


Where it all started: Paul Krugman's"The Legend of Arthur."


Paul Krugman repliesto John Cassidy

Letter from M. Mitchell Waldrop

Paul Krugman repliesto M. Mitchell Waldrop

David Warsh's July 3, 1994, Boston Globe

Paul Krugman loves to berate journalists for their ignorance of economics, particularly his economics, but on this occasion, I fear, his logic is more addled than usual. I am reluctant to dignify his hatchet job with a lengthy reply, but some of his claims are so defamatory that they should be addressed, if only for the record.